Letter of the President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko to the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev (TEXT)

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Dear Dmitry Anatolyevich,

Attentively I studied your letter of August 6, 2009. I will be frank, I am very disappointed with its unfriendly character.

I can't disagree that in the relations between our countries there are serious problems, however it is surprising that you completely exclude responsibility for it from Russia.

Our state never departed from the principles of friendship and the partnership recorded in the Big contract of 1997, did a maximum possible for fruitful, mutually advantageous development of the bilateral relations. Moreover, according to the specified Contract our countries have to build the relations with each other, in particular, on the basis of the principles of mutual respect and sovereign equality.

And still it would be desirable to depart from emotions and impartially to analyse a condition of the bilateral relations.

The position of Ukraine concerning last year's events in Georgia - is well-known and coincides with positions practically all countries of the world. It consists in exclusive respect for the sovereignty, territorial integrity and firmness of borders of the Georgian or any other sovereign state.

Reproaches in arms supplies to Georgia are groundless also. Causes a regret that, despite numerous accurate and clear explanations of the Ukrainian party concerning legality of its actions in the weapon market, the Russian side continues the consecutive campaign directed on formation of perception of Ukraine as the states which doesn't observe the international rules and modes in area voyenno - technical cooperation. In this regard it is necessary to remind that Georgia wasn't and now isn't object of any international sanctions or embargo of the UN Security Council, OSCE, the European Union and other international organizations on deliveries of arms, military equipment or goods of double use. Besides, the Russian offers to enter such restrictions within OSCE, brought after российско - the Georgian conflict, weren't supported.

Can't be a subject of political complaints from Russia and a course of Ukraine on integration into NATO.It forces us to repeat again common truths that the right for a choice of the international means of ensuring of national security, in particular, participations in voyenno - the political unions, is the integral element of the state sovereignty of any country, and Russia has to respect it. I remind you that the Law of Ukraine "Of bases of national security of Ukraine" which was accepted by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine in 2003 including the management of present opposition, provides direct integration of Ukraine into NATO, up to direct membership. The President of Ukraine is guided by it.

Also I would like to emphasize once again that the aspiration of our state to finding of membership in Alliance isn't directed at all against Russia, and the final decision on the accession to NATO will be made only after holding a national referendum.

I want to note especially that article 17 of the Constitution of Ukraine doesn't allow an arrangement in the territory of Ukraine of military bases of the foreign states. At the same time our state remains truly to the international contractual obligations on temporary stay of the Black Sea fleet of the Russian Federation in the territory of Ukraine till May 28, 2017 and in full carries out provisions of the relevant basic agreements of 1997. At the same time, it is compelled to state existence of serious problems in implementation of basic agreements from the Russian side in questions of the earth, real estate, radio frequencies, means of navigation, etc. Throughout the entire period of basing of the Black Sea fleet of Russia in the territory of Ukraine its command systematically allowed rough violations of two-way deals and the legislation of Ukraine on what the Ukrainian party constantly informed the Russian side.

Ukraine consistently supports development of the pragmatic relations with Russia in the economic sphere, first of all in an energy drink. Ukraine began the program of modernization of the Ukrainian gas transmission system for finishing of its level to high international standards and is ready to involve in this process the capacity of the European countries and other participants. Our country repeatedly in practice confirmed the reliability as partner in transportation of energy resources: gas, oil and materials for nuclear power.Ukraine - one of the few countries of the world which in June of this year welcomed an initiative of the Russian Federation about its readiness to begin multilateral dialogue on improvement it is international - legal base in the sphere of energy security which, on our belief, has to be based on the Power Charter and the documents acquired in its framework.

Your letter also contains the next repetition of the known reproaches, which purpose - attempt to deprive Ukraine of the view of own history, own national interests, priorities of foreign policy. It is convinced that history questions along with the native language, culture, family ethics are a fundamental basis for formation of the state and identification of the Ukrainian nation.

Bringing up on the international scene a question of Holodomor recognition in Ukraine of 1932-1933, the Ukrainian people pay also a tribute to the memory of million Russians, Belarusians, Kazakhs and representatives of other nationalities who died of hunger in the Volga region, in the North Caucasus, in Kazakhstan and other regions of the former USSR. It is known that during holding the Action of memory "An unextinguishable candle", devoted 75-й to anniversary of the Holodomor in Ukraine, in windows of hundreds cities around the world including in Russia, candles burned that is the testimony of multinational solidarity with Ukraine in recognition of this fact.

I can't agree with allegedly replacement of Russian from public life in Ukraine in any way. Elementary unbiassed estimates of a language situation in Ukraine and Russia testify absolutely to the return facts. In the Russian Federation the Ukrainian minority is almost deprived of opportunity to exercise the right for satisfaction of the national - cultural requirements. Confirmation of it are the known conclusions of the international organizations.

Responding to the remark on allegedly intervention of the power of Ukraine in affairs of orthodox church, I will note the following. The Ukrainian management respects canons and traditions of churches and the religious organizations. The church in Ukraine is separated from the state, each citizen has the right to practise any religion. At the same time nobody can forbid citizens to state freely the position on any questions, including to the religious.

Concerning visit of the Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Kirill to Ukraine it is necessary to emphasize that appreciation words to the leaders of our state for high level of the organization of its stay in Ukraine were stated to them.Thus any negative or critical evaluations which are given in your letter and discredit spirit of this visit, the Head of Russian Orthodox Church, certainly, didn't do. As a whole, we consider far-fetched and inappropriate coordination of questions of visit to Ukraine the Patriarch Kirill with the bilateral political relations.

Making comments on the compelled decision of the Ukrainian party concerning two diplomatic representatives of Russia, it is necessary to emphasize that before such step we three times officially brought information on illegal actions of the specified high-ranking diplomats to the Russian side. The Ukrainian party provided sufficient evidential base of their activity in Ukraine which caused damage to national interests of Ukraine. At the same time, the corresponding actions of the Russian side concerning the Ukrainian diplomat absolutely немотивированны also are groundless. I hope that in the future our both states will manage to avoid repetition of such annoying cases saddening the bilateral relations.

Summing up the aforesaid, I would like to express conviction that permission of existing problems Ukrainian - the Russian bilateral relations demands a hard work. Therefore the decision to postpone arrival of the new Russian ambassador to Ukraine, certainly, won't promote constructive development of our relations.

Ukraine continues to remain committed to broad cooperation with the Russian Federation on the basis of mutual respect, equality, by maintenance of constructive dialogue, including at the top level. I confirmed readiness to carry on dialogue at a negotiating table within the last year at least three times in the letters in your address. This appeal remains actual and today. Unfortunately, earlier in reply I received only invitations to participation in jumps to a prize of the President of Russia and other multilateral actions. I hope that this time your reaction to it will be constructive.

I am confident in the good future Ukrainian - the Russian relations which are based on deep traditions of friendship and neighborliness between the people of our two countries and which it is obvious more strong, than interests of separate political circles, and don't depend on a situational environment of the political moment.

Yours faithfully


The corresponding test of the letter is published on the official website of the President of Ukraine - http://www.president.gov.ua/ru/


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