The head of Ministry of Justice suggests to pass to a two-chamber parliament

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Creation of a two-chamber parliament is today one of priority ways of reforming of the Ukrainian parliamentarism, the Minister of Justice of Ukraine Nikolay Onishchuk in the article in the Zerkalo Nedeli newspaper declared.

According to the minister, distribution of bicameralism is one of the most expressive tendencies of modern constitutionalism both in the countries of Europe, and in the world as a whole.

"If at the beginning of 70-x years of the XX century two-chamber parliaments were in 45 countries of the world, in 2008 - m their quantity reached 70. About ten more states are going to pass to bikameralny structure of the parliaments", - Nikolay Onishchuk writes.

According to the minister, the two-chamber parliament will be able to work better over a large number of tasks which arise before modern legislature. "Plurality of tasks and the functions facing modern parliaments, objectively causes complication of their construction, that is internal structure", - the Minister of Justice claims.

Besides, two chambers of legislature will be able, according to Nikolay Onishchuk, the best to provide the mechanism of division of branches of the power. "Two-chamber parliaments became a step forward in the direction of improvement of the principle of the section of the power and mechanisms of sderzhivaniye and counterbalances (checks and balance) between their branches", - he declared.

Also, Onishchuk considers, the two-chamber parliament will promote further democratic decentralization of the country.

"Many modern countries determine by a priority of the domestic policy decentralization which provides representation at national level of legitimate interests of territories. The upper house of two-chamber parliaments in the unitary states allows to provide effectively such representation", - the Minister of Justice in the article under the name "emphasizesBicameralism: trends for Ukraine".


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