In the Nikolaev area not youth, and already adults from 25 to 49 years

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Today, on August 17, the meeting of members of regional coordination council concerning counteraction to tuberculosis, drug addiction and HIV - infection/AIDS with representatives of the International charity foundation "The International Alliance on HIV/AIDS in Ukraine" took place. The meeting took place in small a conference - a hall of the Nikolaev regional state administration.

The deputy governor Vladimir Lusta who was present at a meeting, noted that it any more the first such meeting. "But I can tell with confidence that the regional coordination council for the last year made much", - V. Lusta declared.

"We don't do small projects - "pilots", we do systematic big projects", - the head of department of policy and distribution of experience of MBF "the international Alliance on HIV/AIDS in Ukraine" Anna Dovbakh emphasized. According to her, thanks to purposeful work it was succeeded to achieve that now purchase of many preparations is carried out on means from the state budget.

However the epidemiological situation remains difficult, the head of department of health protection of the regional state administration Svetlana Hotina noted. She told that the greatest number of new cases of HIV - an infection in area was registered among citizens of 25-49 years (67,2% of total of new cases of HIV - an infection). Svetlana Hotina considers it as quite positive moment as it testifies to more conscientious attitude of youth to HIV - to an infection and AIDS (the quantity of new cases of infection among citizens of 15-24 years practically didn't increase in comparison with last years). But afflicts that fact that in area the quantity of HIV - the infected pregnant women, and also number of children given rise by them annually increases.

For July 1 in the Nikolaev area 5 526 HIV - infected, from them with HIV - the associated tuberculosis - 1551, including 461 patients on AIDS were registered (and it is only official statistics! ).

In area the indicator of distribution of diseases on HIV - an infection in 2009 makes 462,1 case on 100 thousand.the person (Ukraine - 198,6). In 2008 this indicator was at the level of 410,2 (Ukraine - 176,2).

The head of department of health protection of the regional state administration Svetlana Hotina noted what today a little to reveal and survey, it is necessary to cure still.

Representatives of public organizations and funds told about the main achievements and problems of cooperation of HIV - the service organizations with local government institutions concerning counteraction to HIV distribution - infection/AIDS in the region. As it became clear problems very much. Among the main - shortage of financing. However, as the president of the HIV Nikolaev association - infected Irina Parakhonko noted, money isn't present, but there is a motivation and desire to work. There are also problems with purchase of preparations, with access to the test - to systems and advice centers (especially in villages and the remote areas), and also with informing in imprisonment places.

"It is a problem not only the states. It is a problem of all society, all of us. And much still it is necessary to make", - the deputy governor V. Lusta summed up the result.


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