"Transinvestsservice" against Youzhny port: picketing of Cabinet of Ministers and route Odessa overlapping - Nikolaev

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On August 14 the staff of the TIS, TIS-Ruda and TIS-Minudobreniya companies carried out picketing of the building of Cabinet of Ministers for the purpose of transfer of the requirement to the government to stop an arbitrariness of the chief of Youzhny port Yu.Kruk concerning inclusion of moorings No. 21-22 in Obligatory resolutions on port.

The picketing demanded from the government "to force the chief of port to execute the duties or to replace it on this post".

The requirements signed by participants of picket, and also the documents accusing Yu.Kruk of frauds with public funds were transferred to the representative of Cabinet of Ministers.

Participants of picket held such posters: "Grain and ore export under the threat", "We demand recognition 21-го the mooring", "We demand to replace Yu.Yu.Kruka", "Tymoshenko attracts investments, and Kruka bribes" interest only, "2500 new workplaces aren't necessary to Ukraine? ", and also a photo of the terminal and a vessel which isn't accepted to the mooring by Yu.Kruk.

"It is obvious that the chief of port lost ability adequately to react to a situation and doesn't realize the actions as consciously provokes already the third international conflict - after illegal keeping on raid of the English vessel Scan Oceanic with a coal loading crane and refusal in statement to the Chinese vessel Zhen Hua 11, with the equipment for the YEW container terminal", - the representative of the company emphasized.

"The chief of port to the state already caused damage, but now under the threat of failure timely payment of the customs duties - over 60 million UAH, and also tax revenues from operation of the container terminal at the rate to 15 million UAH a month, and Odessa region will lose 500 workplaces", - the representative declared the YEW.

Representatives of YuMTP weren't in debt.

Press - the service of port distributed the statement of heads 4-x labor unions of workers of sea transport which disproved the participation in the organization and carrying out protest action of stevedores which took place on Friday, August 14, before the building of the Cabinet of Ukraine.

"The federation of sea labor unions of Ukraine doesn't support the protest action arranged with the TIS company on Friday last week before the building of the Cabinet of Ukraine" - is spoken in the address to the prime minister - to the minister of Ukraine Yu. Tymoshenko, signed by the chairman of labor union N. Barsky.

"We consider necessary to declare that holding this action wasn't coordinated with Federation of sea labor unions of Ukraine and labor unions which are a part of Federation. This stock Federation of Sea Labor Unions of Ukraine doesn't support and has to it no relation", - it is noted in the address text.

With similar statements, according to the statement a press - services YuMTP, acted the chairman Chernomorsko - the Azov regional trade-union organization of dockers led by Zaykovy V. N., Labor union of workers of a water management of Ukraine - the acting chairman Kaminsky V. M., and the Joint sea labor union led by Pavlenko V. Ya.

Further YuMTP in turn took the information offensive and accused the YEW of blocking of export of grain and provoking of overlapping by drivers of trucks of the route Odessa - Nikolaev.

The management of MTP GP "Youzhny" declared that "Transinvestservice" "continues to conduct antistate policy, trying to cause the actions social explosion and to cause a loss of national security of Ukraine".

In particular the YEW was accused "of sabotage on reception, processing and grain export in Youzhny port. Having used, actually, monopoly position, the company doesn't accept week grain on the terminal".

"The drivers of cars driven to despair, loaded grain, in protest "YEW" actions blocked today the route Odessa - Nikolaev" - emphasizes a press - service YuMTP.

Conflicting parties try to use and political aspects in the dispute: "Representatives "YEW" try to dump all responsibility on the Prime minister - the minister Yulia Timoshenko, but we understand that it only pre-election game to please to someone's interests", - is emphasized by representatives of YuMTP.

Blocking itself "YEW" intentionally breaks supply of grain and tries to create artificially threat of national security and to national interests of Ukraine.

The management of YuMTP asked the Prosecutor General's Office and Security service of Ukraine to stop "antistate activity of "YEW" and to put the company in a framework of the existing legislation of the country".

Probably, the conflict becomes aggravated and, undoubtedly, it is worth waiting still Bol for cruel methods of fight in the future.


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