"Political blackmail": after Kornatsky Poroshenko's "demarche" "I have accompanied" him in the land conflict in Nikolayevshchina

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Arkady Kornatsky
After a cancelled exit of the People's Deputy Arkady Kornatsky from fraction «Blok Petro Poroshenko» on the official site of the President of Ukraine there were two documents concerning disputed lands in Pervomaisk the area (around Chausovo-2) for which several years has in succession legal proceedings «Kornatsky' agricultural firm».

About it at himself in the blog the editor-in-chief has written «Crime. Is NOT PRESENT» Anatoly Chubachenko.

It is about Decree No. 142/2016 «About cancellation of the decision of the chairman of May Day regional public administration of the Nikolaev area» and Order No. 98/2016-рп «About some orders of the chairman of May Day RGA of the Nikolaev area».

«How much is voice of one people's deputy? Depending on a situation, the sums can be different, - he writes. - Yesterday's «demarche» the People's Deputy from «BPP «Solidarity» Has shown Arkady Kornatsky that one voice of the people's deputy can mean to the President more, than interests of 775 ordinary citizens of Ukraine who have devoted the life to work in the social sphere».

We will remind, earlier it was reported about how Kornatsky at first has declared that he leaves BPP and thinks of leaving fraction (just while the issue of creation of the BPP coalition with the Popular front was resolved), and then I have told, what has changed the mind as «I have achieved the objectives» .

«And to understand what objectives were achieved by Kornatsky, it is enough to remember in what conflict in recent years constantly uchuvstvut his enterprise, and then to look at the website of the President of Ukraine in the section «Documents». And the puzzle will develop. It is known that «Kornatsky' agricultural firm» several years to a row tries to prove what has all rights for the land plots with a total area of 1,5 thousand hectares located within Lenin village council of the May Day region of the Nikolaev area» , - I have written to Chubachenko.

«It is only important to stop on the fact that the enterprise of the people's deputy that at the previous criminal power that at present criminal (on Kornatsky's statement) has lost to the power all possible courts and couldn't prove that the lands which are at the moment in property at 775 residents of the area were given by him illegally» , - he has added.

On Anatoly Chubachenko's belief, this situation says that the Guarantor Konstitutsii Petro Poroshenko «it is ready to violate the rights and freedoms of citizens of Ukraine, pursuing the mercantile interests and following the tastes of the member of the same party who so has decided to resort in time to political blackmail if only further to feel above the others».

«And what to do to those 775 people who can't blackmail Poroshenko? Or the President wants that she in Chausovo-2 has repeated «Vradiyevka» ? The patience of the people, as we know, always has the limit» , - Chubachenko has summed up.

We will note, the president has cancelled the order of the chairman of May Day RGA for 2012, at that time the administration was headed by Boris Demchenko. 

It is known that profit «Agricultural firms Kornatskikh» goes to Russia, where there live owners of firm–daughters of the people's deputy from BPP Kornatsky.

Катерина Вовченко

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