Militia revenge

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New police - new rules. Since November of last year in Ukraine there is no militia. In the large cities of employees of GAI field officers in a new form have replaced. Other militiamen automatically became employees of new body - National police of Ukraine. And then, to clear ranks of law enforcement authorities of old odious shots, recertification has begun. Those whom not pereattestovala have also dismissed from ranks of National police go to court to be restored at positions at once.

Recertification of employees of militia consists of two stages. The first - testing of analytical skills and professional skills. The second stage - interview with certifying commissions where employees of divisions of staffing, Department of internal security of National police, representatives of the public and mass media have entered.

And in spite of the fact that certification of law enforcement authorities continues still, in regions where it has already taken place, courts «are filled up» cases of cancellation of decisions of the commissions and orders for dismissal. The main claims of militiamen that they have been dismissed from police, mainly after interviews during recertification. Those who have gathered enough points on testing, complain of subjectivity of solutions of certifying commissions.

Roman Sinitsyn
«Any interview is subjective, that is people sit there and they make decisions on the basis of the internal beliefs, considering a number of factors. It and readiness for changes, both knowledge of the legislation, and plans of the person in further work» , - the member of a certifying commission Roman Sinitsyn notes.

According to National police, in courts about 200 cases of the dismissed militiamen are now considered. In District administrative court of Kiev it is more than a half of them - 106. It is already known at least of two the resolution of court on restoration at work.

In interview the head of National police of Ukraine Hatiya Dekanoidze calls it not differently as «revenge of old system».

«It will be more of them if such revanchist forces as those employees and judicial system which too absolutely old system, will take one part» , - Hatiya Dekanoidze says.

In the schedule of District administrative court of the capital - 12 cases on restoration at work of the dismissed police officers.All proceed on several minutes, the parties send to collect additional documents.

Dismissed complain of injustice of certification. Judges - on the number of claims.

Vladimir Keleberda
To the judge Vladimir Keleberda 7 of 12 cases appointed to March 29 about renewal at work of militiamen with an experience have got. Claimants have come to a meeting the big company. Refuse to communicate.

The judge has forbidden to remove meetings, threatening with administrative responsibility.

For now in Kiev don't let journalists to fix meetings of courts about recovery of militiamen, in Kirovogradshchina the senior operative on especially important issues of department of internal security at regional Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Vitaly Shkelebey has returned to ranks of police. He became the Ukraine's first guard who through court has cancelled results of certification and the order for dismissal.

Evgenia Zakrevskaya
«I was in the appeal commission which has supported the solution of a certifying commission on his dismissal, we had an absolute majority, nobody voted for» , - the member of the appeal commission, the lawyer Evgenia Zakrevskaya says.

In the local press in the Kirovohrad region Vitaly Shkelebey appears as the participant in creation and activity in the city of Alexandria of the criminal group which was engaged in production and sale of drugs.

«I think that if the court knew motives of our kormisiya that is if they have been properly informed, I don't think that there would be such decision» , - Evgenia Zakrevskaya notes.

Representatives of other media also come to a meeting on the case of restoration at work of the deputy chief of the main investigative Department of MIA of Ukraine Grigory Mamki. He is the chief critic of police certification, I worked together with odious Vasily Pascal. Long time I directed an investigation on the Ministry of Internal Affairs together with Vitaly Sakal who has got under lustration. I had to investigate and bring to trial loud crimes in the country. Grigory Mamka hasn't come to a meeting. The meeting took place in fights.

Judges declare that will pass the decision without witnesses - business turns into written production.

Grigory Mamka
«I have worked 22 and a half years in militias, half a year in police, having all the awards and differences, to agree that I am professionally unsuitable - I can't agree with it» , - Grigory Mamka declares.

In a week he was reinstated under the resolution of court.On April 7 District админсуд Kiev without call of the parties and without witnesses I have cancelled the solution of a certifying commission and the order for dismissal. Grigory Mamka became the second law enforcement officer who has returned to National police.

«Semiliterate in general illiterate «важняк» , the investigator of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, passes on all this «to IT specialists» , closes business» , - so Mikheil Saakashvili, the chairman of the Odessa RSA spoke of him.

Mikheil Saakashvili is repeatedly mentioned by a name of the colonel in the public statements. Addressing the president Poroshenko, he asks to deal with cases of pressure upon business when passing customs control. That transfers documents to David Sakvarelidze, then - to the Deputy Prosecutor General.

Eventually Sakvarelidze doesn't find instruments of influence on the militia chief Mamka, papers remain in offices of the State Office of Public Prosecutor. And the made office investigation doesn't find violations or abuses in work of Grigory Mamki and his deputies.

«Well to tell how Saakashvili has told that this bribe taker and the corrupt official, and on this basis to do something, some to make decisions, I consider that it is wrong. And on professional qualities nobody asked anything me» , - Grigory Mamka notes.

Who has reinstated Grigory Mamka? It is a Trinity of the famous judges - travelers: Valery Kuzmenko, Ruslan Arsiry and Alexey Ogurtsov. In February of last year in their offices the capital prosecutor's office carried out searches in connection with simply - comical history.

As then I reported a press - the secretary of capital prosecutor's office Elena Yakhno, «as it has appeared, judges of this court managed some inexplicably to enjoy life abroad and at the same time to make judgments, to pronounce sentences».

Press - the service of the District adminsud of Kiev has answered that the slip just took place. And here colleagues from the program «Slidstvo. Info» have found out that judges Arsiry, Cucumbers and Kuzmenko - judges of cruises, have visited more than for 10 exotic countries. What doesn't look proportional to judicial earnings. And these judges have returned the odious militiaman for work.

«Whatever told the court - corrupted, not corrupted, it is necessary to change court, judicial system - but it works now. And I full have the right to appeal to court» , - Grigory Mamka declares.

Hatiya Dekanoidze

«They only advocate the interests. And never, never they were engaged, for example, the same the Mother, honest work. Can even make me responsible. He won't be part of National police» , - Hatiya Dekanoidze notes.

The head of National police together with legal department and public human rights activists prepares also for new decisions of the courts, and for appeal meetings. And it is similar to the fact that it only the beginning of fight of National police for own self-cleaning. Return of odious militiamen through court to the positions, already happens - it is such precedents indicating threat to all reform of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Maxim Savchuk, "Radio freedom"


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