It is the share of each Ukrainian on 0,2 books a year, but for the last half a year in Nikolayevshchina there were 56 more bookstalls

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The Ukrainian publishing, despite crisis, doesn't fall into decay, and on the contrary - develops. It today at a briefing on the occasion of opening of the V Kiev international book exhibition - fairs were declared by the acting as the chairman of the State committee of television and broadcasting of Ukraine Anatoly Murakhovsky.

It provided data of the Public scientific institution "Book Chamber of Ukraine of Ivan Fedorov" according to which in the first half of the year 2009 in Ukraine 10 588 names of editions with a general circulation of 21 million 489 thousand copies are issued. In comparison with the corresponding period of last year it makes 112,7 percent on names and 102,2 percent on circulations.

According to the data sounded by Anatoly Murakhovsky, in the first half of the year 2009 180 subjects of publishing are in addition brought in the State register of publishers, manufacturers and distributors of publishing production. In total as of July 1 of the current year in the State register - 4 374 subjects.

For last year in Book chamber of I. Fedorov 24 040 names of books and brochures with a general circulation of 58 million 158 thousand copies arrived that in comparison with the similar period of 2007 makes according to names - 133,7%, on circulations - 103, 7%.

"So there is no occasion to speak about decline of the Ukrainian publishing though there is a reason for discontent with its development because we have to reach indicators of the leading countries of Europe where 6-7 editions are the share of one inhabitant for a year. We have this figure - 0,2", - the head Goskomteleradio noted.

Speaking about implementation of the order of the Cabinet "About requirements concerning functioning of objects of retail trade by book production", Anatoly Murakhovsky noted that as of July 1, 2009 in Ukraine 7 662 objects, including bookstalls - 1 876, book counters - 4 526, bookstores - 1 260 function. "I.e.for the first half of the year the amount of objects of retail trade in book production significantly increased. In comparison with 2008 a gain of bookstores - 144, bookstalls - 47, book counters - 747.

According to A. Murakhovsky, the amount of objects of retail trade in book production increased and in rural areas. In particular, in their Vinnytsia region became 356 counters more, in Donetsk - on 42 bookstalls, in Nikolaev - on 56 bookstalls, in Sumy - on 41 book counters and 1 shop, in Hmelnitskaya - on 75 bookstalls and 5 shops, in Kharkov - on 11 booths, 60 counters and 5 shops. 8 shops appeared in the Lvov area, 2 - in Rivnenskaya, etc. "I think that control from outside Goskomteleradio will induce the regional state administrations more in detail to work on restoration of a network of book trade which, unfortunately, was in recent years destroyed. And, in essence, we consider it as the main stimulating factor of development of the Ukrainian publishing", - he noted.

Anatoly Murakhovsky also reminded that a lot of the useful was made and in the sphere of development is standard - legal base. In particular, till 2015 action of the law on a preferential mode of the taxation of the Ukrainian book is continued; the bill "About a Ban of Eviction of Editions of Printing Mass Media, Cultural Institutions, including Libraries, Publishing Houses, Bookstores, the Enterprises of Distribution of Books and the Press from Taken by Them on the Lawful Bases of Rooms of the State and Municipal Ownership, and also Demolition of Existing Booths on Sale of Printing Mass Media" underwent coordination procedure.

The government the resolution from 17.06.2009г is also accepted. "The order of scoping of book production in a state language, preparation, release and which distribution is carried out by domestic publishing houses and the enterprises of book production, for the conclusion of lease contracts of rooms". "Today the Ukrainian subjects of publishing making more than 50 percent of book production in Ukrainian, have certain advantages concerning rent of rooms of the state and municipal form of ownership. And Goskomteleradio already started issuing such documents", - A. Murakhovsky told.


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