Tymoshenko accuses Yanukovych's team of raider capture

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The prime minister - the minister of Ukraine Yulia TYMOSHENKO declares attempt of illegal capture of the building of NAK "Nadra of Ukraine" it the former head Eduard STAVITSKY.

As the correspondent of the UNIAN reports, she told about it today at a special session of the Cabinet.

"Yesterday raider capture by YANUKOVYCH'S team led by mister of STAVITsKIM who directly is the person of the People's Deputy of DZhARTY (the minister of ecology in Victor YANUKOVYCH'S government in 2006-2007 - the UNIAN) was carried out. Yesterday this mister of STAVITsKIY together with seven security guards, together with people who helped them to rush in the power way into the building of NAK "Nadra of Ukraine" … And this company was seized", - told Yu. Tymoshenko.

According to her, these people looked for the press and company documents in order that "to return to itself an oil field and gas" which the government returned in state ownership.

"I understand that large-scale corruption, large-scale plundering of oil fields and gas, lands which were at YANUKOVYCH'S government, is their habit so to work", - declared to Yu. Tymoshenko.

In particular, the head of the government noted that as a result of V. Yanukovych's guide and his environment two buildings were transferred to their possession through the company NAK "Nadra of Ukraine" in the center of Kiev (Vladimirskaya St., 34 and Zolotovorotsky Lane, 9), and also the governmental residence "Mezhigorye" which subsequently, according to Yu. Tymoshenko, became V. Yanukovych's personal property.

"Besides, on a corruption basis to the immediate environment (V. Yanukovych - the UNIAN) granted 19 licenses on oil and gas production. Then the People's Deputy from Party of Regions mister of DZhARTY dealt with these issues, and headed this enterprise NAK "Nadra of Ukraine" of his people - mister of STAVITsKIY", - she reported.

In turn, the minister of ecology Georgy FILIPCHUK reported that after capture of the building of the E.STAVITsKIY company occupied an office of the head of NAK "Nadra of Ukraine" and issued the first order on the reinstatement of the chairman of the board of NAK.

The First Deputy Minister of Justice Evgeny KORNIYCHUK added that after that in the evening of E.STAVITsKIY came to meeting to the ecology Ministry.According to him, only after that it became known of raider capture of the enterprise.

E.KORNIYChUK reported that already late at night the Ministry of Justice cancelled the corresponding instruction of Service of execution of the Solomensky district of Kiev about E.STAVITsKOGO restoration in a position, and also the letter was sent to the Ministry of Internal Affairs for ensuring the state protection of the building.

"At o'clock in the morning the present head of the PONOMARENKO company could enter the office", - reported E.KORNIYChUK.

"Now the security service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine protects the room, and in it only the legitimate head of NAK "Nadra of Ukraine" will be allowed, - the Minister of Internal Affairs Yury LUTSENKO emphasized in turn.


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