The krill would like all normal people, except Kirilenko

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The head of political party "Uniform Center" Igor Kril assures that didn't suggest the Chairman of BP to Arseniy Yatsenyuk to head this political force.

He declared it in interview to the Zerkalo Nedeli newspaper.

I. The krill claims that about it he had no conversation with A. Yatsenyuk. "I with it personally didn't speak about it. Therefore to tell that he refused, I can't", - he told.

I. The krill noted that in the leader of the party it would be desirable to see the leader who will be able to lead, assume responsibility. "But me it seems, it is necessary to wait till July 12 (carrying out congress of "The uniform center"). By this time it will be visible who will come (we yet we don't know) or will plan to enter on the eve of this date "The uniform center". Then becomes understood who from them best of all corresponds to category of the leader. Then the answer to this question" will be given, - he told.

Whether answering a question negotiations on possible occurrence into "ETs" of the mayor of Kiev Leonid Chernovetsky are conducted, I. Kril noted that "we don't conduct with anybody any negotiations, we simply work with those who addresses with applications for admission". "I think that to speak now publicly about the one whom we would like or didn't want to see, especially when business concerns people of such caliber as the mayor of Kiev, it is incorrect", - he added. Thus the head of "The uniform center" noted that to speak about public people, chairmen of parties, heads of blocks in such context it is incorrect in relation to them.

Answering a question of rather possible leading roles in party of such people as Victor Baloga, Raisa Bogatyreva, Roman Bessmertny, I. Kril noted that "would like to see all these people". "I consider that it is potentially strong, normal personalities, and they in this process would introduce much", - he told. At the same time, I. Kril admitted that wouldn't like to see in ranks of the party of the leader of "our Ukraine" Vyacheslav Kirilenko.


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