A.Garkusha can't forget "antiquated" methods. It confirms also V. Litvin's visit to Nikolayevshchina

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"Crime. Is NOT PRESENT"wrote about that yesterday the Nikolaev area with working visit the chairman of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine visited Vladimir Litvin.

Besides actions which took place in the regional center, Vladimir Mikhaylovich visited two areas where communicated to voters.

As journalists of one of Nikolaev noticed the Internet - editions, Litvin's present arrival to Nikolaev, "surpassed" visit of the speaker by spring of 2006. Then nikolayevets, especially, drivers, thought badly the whole day of the Head of parliament - from - for blocked in all central part of the city of streets.

Yesterday everything developed according to the similar scenario. Pervo - наперво, on a route of the protected person was disconnected by all traffic lights, from - for what on Lenin Avenue jams were immediately formed, and on crossing of the prospectus and Garden the cock-a-hoop reigned. Further - at each intersection by which "the stately train" had to follow exposed on the militiaman, and on some and on two. But there is more to come! Staff of GAI was exposed throughout the route from Nikolaev to Nova Odessy and from Nikolaev to Ochakovo!

But most likely, such security measures of surprise shouldn't cause, after all Vladimir Litvin one of the top officials in the state. And here visit by the speaker пгт Elanets and the cities of Ochakov casts not really light thoughts. It seems that achievements of 2004 disappear.

It seems that the present governor of the Nikolaev area in any way doesn't want to refuse technologies which dominated at the time of Leonid Kuchma's presidency.

As "in old kind times" on a meeting with the chairman of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine which took place in the homeland of the chairman of the Nikolaev regional council Tatyana Demchenko, transportation of people was provided.

As told"Crime. Is NOT PRESENT"source from Voznesenskaya of the district state administration, from the present governor the personal command to provide an appearance arrived.

"In Elanets from eight nearby areas had to bring not less than on 30 people. Responsibility for performance of an assignment was conferred on heads of district administrations", - reported a source.

Really Alexey Garkusha so worried, what the party leader which representation he heads in the Nikolaev area, won't attract to the person of sufficient interest?

The same was and at a meeting in the city of Ochakovo. And all this how Vladimir Mikhaylovich quite recently, answering the question Kommersant - Ukraine declared that "to anybody won't bring a fold! On it it wasn't employed and from now on I won't begin to do it".

"I think, just right to do it to them on the attitude towards me. Life proves and still will prove that the slogan is necessary to the country Litvin! it is possible to specify only: Litvin is necessary to the country only!. I can promise only work, result and content from work and result in the form of remuneration to each person", - he added.


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