Sergey Tigipko won't ask for help of oligarchs, at him the millions suffice

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Today to Nikolaev with official visit there arrived Sergey Tigipko. The purpose of a business trip - studying of problems of regions of Ukraine. Until the end of August it plans to visit all Ukraine. When the ex-the chairman of the board of the TAS financial group and ex-the head of board of "Svedbank" will study requirements of electorate - he will sit down at writing of the political program with which will go to elections. At least Sergey Tigipko doesn't doubt that is worthy a presidential chair.

- I won't praise now other politicians. I am absolutely not worse than other candidates, and to speak about that, a coma I would give the vote if didn't pass in presidents - I won't become.

The large banker actually appeared very economical politician (or the political economist? ) also I decided that pre-election campaign (at least, its first round) will cost to it 20 million UAH. The market of outdoor advertizing can start singing the praises of Tigipko - the main money will go for advertizing propaganda - бигборды because as the banker admitted, at first it is necessary that it remembered and learned, and then already like trust. And as for team of assistants - team have to be young and ideological.

- I know many young interesting children, including in public service, in the economic ministries which aren't demanded because there are necessary "решалы". We will find such people, didn't "solve", professional, young, unknown, the nezaangazhirovanykh, on the patriotic beginnings we will tighten, and there will be a young interesting strong team.

But except work for idea 49 - the summer multimillionaire who has got on the 35th place in the list of hundred most influential people of Ukraine, promised to create all conditions for work. The multimillionaire reported that money for elections won't begin to occupy from oligarchs as then it is necessary to work for their interests and "to redden for the fraction which incorrectly votes on the correct questions". And if especially not to "disperse" - the money will suffice.

Sergey Tigipko answered questions of crisis, shipbuilding, the Ukrainian fleet and others, but a red thread in speeches of the financier one main idea sliped - present politicians brought the populist actions the country to economic collapse, and now to us, warm, there is no place to disappear, and it is necessary to suffer. And before to adjust all branches of the state - it is necessary to put economy on feet.

The ex-the head of National Bank also shared reasons concerning the provision of hryvnia. It expressed opinion that it is possible to prevent and stabilize its falling.

By the way, recently Sergey Tigipko's profiles appeared on a set of community on the Internet - "VKontakte", "Schoolmates", "Facebook", "Twitter", "Layfdzhornal" and so forth Tigipko admitted that help to support on them communication to it. Also on Tigipko's page on "Facebook" the banker noted that is Barack Obama's admirer.

That, for Sergey Tigipko marking at a presidential chair, the person who became the first Afro-American - the president in the history of the country having расистско - xenophobic bents, and became, so to speak, a pioneer in destruction of stereotypes - Barack Obama really excellent example!


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