The address of businessmen working at the territory Nikolaev Yachts - club to Citizens and city authorities

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Dear Citizens and representatives of local government in the person of the Mayor and a depuy corps!

We, the undersigned businessmen working at the territory Nikolaev Yachts - club, address to you, to deal with a request in the circumstances and to come to the weighed decision.

Today, opposition of fighters for "okulturivaniye" of Nikolaev reached in our opinion and opinion of many citizens to a "marasmic" limit. Us accuse that we create a condition under which in the territory of Yachts - club alcoholic "orgy" prospers, we sell vodka and beer to minors, we develop lack of culture, through our fault Yachts - the club stopped being a place of development of sports and family rest.

Actually the problem consists that for many years in the territory of Yachts - club unauthorized trade developed, including, excisable group of goods (alcohol, tobacco), was on sale moonshine, many trading persons had no documents on the right of trade, for example at "grandmothers" who trade in cigarettes, dried fish, shrimps and the cheap forged alcohol first of all to "young children". For anybody not a secret that work of such "grandmothers" "is protected" by local militia.

Many citizens come in Yachts - club with the products and alcohol, besides in nearby little shops trade in alcoholic products, including not the full age roughly prospers. In the evenings there is no militia and voluntary teams for patrol of the territory and identification of brawlers.

We are undersigned businessmen, in return we are supporters of a healthy lifestyle, we guarantee purity and an order on the trade places and trade in framework accurately established by the law, on all types of excise production we have licenses and permissions. In case of sale on our points the minor the alkogolesoderzhashchikh of drinks, the worker made similar action is subject to immediate dismissal.

For our means the territory of the region of Yachts - club was arranged well, the fountain is restored, will erect a monument to Potemkin, prepares for delivery cultural - an entertainment complex, we render assistance in development детско - youthful sports.

Many citizens, including elderly, express gratitude concerning our work, at day and morning o'clock we are visited by mothers with children, young families, elderly people who can conveniently settle down on well-planned places with a fine view of the river gather.

For the purpose of improvement of quality of service of citizens and guests of Nikolaev in places cultural - mass rest in the territory Nikolaev Yachts - club we suggest to carry out a number of urgent measures to restore order:

  1. To forbid unauthorized trade, including excise goods (alcohol, tobacco)
  2. In case of identification of the facts of sale of alcoholic, low alcohol beverages, beer and tobacco products to persons of not reached 18 summer age to deprive of the license and permissions to the right of trade
  3. To strengthen control from law enforcement agencies behind order observance around Nikolaev Yachts - club and adjacent territories, actively to attach civil patrol
  4. To bring to the management of nearby shops about sanctions in case of detection of the facts of sale of alcoholic beverages and tobacco products the minor
  5. To create initiative group of representatives of a local bulk, businessmen, city deputies, public associations, representatives of the controlling organizations (SES, militia, fire) for control over order observance, and also for design and planning of development of the territory and improvement of quality of provided services.

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