The Russian asked a question, "Homeland" from where returned. Whether from Israel?

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The deputy minister of internal affairs of Ukraine - the chief of General Directorate of Ministry of Internal Affairs in ARC Gennady Moskal became interested placed in a large number on roads of the Crimea бигбордами Rodina parties with the text "We returned".

As the head of the Crimean militia admitted to journalists, he even specially personally descended on so-called "an action of the Russian protest", arranged on an Independence Day of Ukraine the pro-Russian organizations in Simferopol to communicate to someone from Rodina party.

"Me very much interested them бигборды with the words "We Returned". Here I also wanted to ask: "Where you were? In Israel sat out? In an underground? What you us, inhabitants of the Crimea, threw into a hard time, and now returned when everything is good? ". But they got away from me and, unfortunately, these questions didn't answer", - the Russian told.

The chief of the Crimean militia also complained that organizers of an action submitted an application for 10 thousand participants, and in reality "more than 300 people on this meeting weren't". "Then why was to report about 10 thousand participants? We planned, pulled together the workers at the rate on 10 thousand protesters to provide a public order, distracted them from other work. And left that on meeting of militiamen together with employees of SBU it appeared more, than protesters. It isn't necessary to drive empties, and to tell the truth that can bring together no more than 300 people. And at such number of participants of the action I as - нибудь and consulted and attracted nobody", - the Russian told.


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