Yanukovych on PR political councils as the child small, is played "the cool boy"

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"And give as though I here all can break a jaw! "

The People's Deputy Taras Chornovil told about it in ZIK interview, answering a question, what at Yanukovych style of the management of party:

- Decisions to the parties it is actually admitted from where - that from above, from any narrow circle in which there are also party members, and not party members who there solve something. And Yanukovych adapts them and declares, but at certain moments in order that to push something, he needs to show what he is an owner. Then demonstrative statements for the one who the owner in party - "I am an owner in party begin. Who against the owner - to that it will be sick about it to remember". This untwisting of an image which once for it thought up pomaranchevy and which actually absolutely unreal, that is that is such rigid leader who muzzles beats and a jaw turns out. It at all about it, but he at some point understood that on it it is possible to play well. And he plays it constantly on all political councils. Because really the decision davny - long ago already nobody admits to the parties. They are born where - that there above. If there are any formal meetings of party, on them only those votes which under the law have to be проголосованы are taken.


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