The mayor of Nikolaev "the exhibition prepared on the occasion of conference of pedagogical workers

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The exhibition on the City Day in Nikolaev everything is will be. It was declared by the mayorVladimir Chaikaduring conference of pedagogical workers of the city which took place today, on August 27, in Regional palace of culture.

On the occasion of carrying out this conference in ODK hall forces of pedagogical workers, school students and participants of creative collectives prepared an exhibition which very much was pleasant to the mayor.

"This year we didn't think to do such exhibition as did it earlier. But I see that this exhibition is already ready", - the mayor declared. Then suggested to expose on the City Day all works presented at an exhibition, in Kashtanovy Square.

"Rusalonk's" collective work, City station of young technicians, circle of THOUGHTS Ceramics

Collective work "A hedgehog in search of food", DTDYu of Leninsky district, the circle "Enchanting spectacle"

"I am sure that after a concert all will want to see that our children" made, - addedVladimir Chaika.

Conference of pedagogical workers began traditionally - with a national anthem of Ukraine and the anthem of Nikolaev then solemnly lifted, or lowered from above, a flag of educational branch of Nikolayevshchina more precisely.

Vladimir Chaika to whom honor to act as the first dropped out, noted that "we made to be proud of our achievements" much. In particular the mayor listed high achievements of the Nikolaev school students, grammar-school boys and lyceum students. This year 23 pupils of general education educational institutions became winners of the IV stage of the All-Ukrainian student's Olympic Games on basic disciplines. Also nearly 500 gifted pupils of out-of-school educational institutions took prizes on All-Ukrainian and international surveys, competitions, exhibitions. Names of 300 pupils of sports schools were included into gold fund of future elite of our state.

The mayor noted that the work system with talented and exceptional children is created. Almost in 90% of establishments the target programs "Exceptional children" are developed, the number of scientific organizations (to 35-ти) increased. The system of stimulation and encouragement of talented and capable children is developed. According to the mayor, only last year 31 school students got a grant of the mayor and city council. The fifth year in a row pupils of the Nikolaev educational institutions get grants of the President of Ukraine, and in new academic year the graduate of the First Ukrainian gymnasium of N. ArkasVictoria Osaulenkowill get a grant of the Cabinet of Ukraine.

Also Vladimir Dmitriyevich directly from a scene congratulated the graduate Nikolayevsky municipal коллегиумаOleg Vyborny- the bronze prize-winner of the World Olympic Games in chemistry which passed in London. The Nikolaev mayor presented to Oleg the personal computer.

Oleg Vyborny, the bronze prize-winner of the World Olympic Games in chemistry, the graduate Nikolayevskogo municipal коллегиума

The mayor and problems available in educational branch mentioned. In particular insufficient financing, and also providing school cafeterias with drinking water - especially sharply this problem is felt in Matveevke and Varvarovke.

Head of department of formation of the Nikolaev City CouncilAnna DerkachI added to these problems also the list. This and insufficiently balanced food (physiological norms of food are carried out only 65%), shortage of medical workers at the schools, insufficient uchebno - methodical and it is material - technical providing educational institutions, shortage of experts (for example, only 4% of teachers who teach astronomy and a prirodoznavstvo, have the corresponding professional education).

At conference there were also definite purposes and tasks for 2009 - 2010 academic year:

- to concentrate attention as well on practical work;

- to decide on system of educational work;

- to speed up educational work with parents;

- to improve psychological work with pupils of educational institutions, etc.

Photos from an exhibition:

Collective work "Rat", DTDYu of Leninsky district, circle "Enchanting spectacle"

Doll "Spring", DTDYu of the Factory area, mugs "A soft toy", Erofeyeva Anna

Collective work "On a visit at a mouse", DTDYu of Leninsky district, the circle "Enchanting spectacle"

"The girl with a sunflower", DTDYu of the Factory area, the circle "Soft Toy",

Yefimova Olga

Radio-controlled model of a fishing seiner, City station of young technicians, mugs of a sudnomodelirovaniye


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