The mayor of Nikolaev privselyudno will tell the deputy of the City Council what to climb trees in others city it is impossible

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"I condemn Evgenia Sergeevna for this act. At me conversation with it took place. Also I can tell that conversation was rather basic", - it was declared by the Nikolaev mayorVladimir Chaika, making comments on a situation with detention in the city of Sevastopol of the deputy of the Nikolaev city council from PSPUEvgeny Bondarenko.

We will remind, "Crime. Is NOT PRESENT" wrote that the deputy of the Nikolaev City Council from PSPUEvgenia Bondarenko, on August 24 on the Independence Day of Ukraine, almost I spent days in the Sevastopol KPZ for violation of the state symbolics.

"It explained to me that it occurred from - that it protected the assistant who tried to remove the flag which has been hung out by "Banderovites" on Count pier", - the Nikolaev mayor told.

According to him, calling arguments in the justification, the deputy of city council told, what even fascists during the Great Patriotic War didn't dare to hang out the flag on that place.

"Possibly, incident happened in a rush such to itself "youth patriotism". According to her, her assistant removed this flag and fastened on a tree. When the militia tried to remove from a tree of the assistant, she shouted supposedly look how the militia roughly treats youth! Once again I say that I condemn this act! And I told it that before to do something and furthermore to make any acts in other city, in a community which lives by the rules, it is necessary to show tolerance elements, maturity elements, instead of any "a girlish feat"", - Vladimir Dmitriyevich told.

Also, according to the mayor, he reminded the national darling that similar acts it dishonors, first of all, the parents.

"Evgenia Sergeevna's father the person respected in the city - holds a high post in the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies. It it is always very weighed sees things.Undoubtedly, I also at session of the City Council will touch upon this subject and I will tell about the relation to an act of the deputy of the City Council because I on this fact had to address toTo Sergey Kunitsin, to the chairman of the Sevastopol city public administration. To my deputyTo Alexander Zhenzherukheit was necessary to address in law enforcement agencies. But the most important that the court which defined a punishment measure" took place, - the mayor told.

As claimsV. Chaika, "lectures" worked onE. Bondarenko, and she told that now realizes, the status of the deputy is how responsible.

Also, Vladimir Dmitriyevich on missed opportunities and declared that he as the vice president of association of the cities of Ukraine doesn't welcome an act of the colleagueSergey Ratushnyak.

"The mayor of any city shouldn't be intolerant of any parties, in the same way as of different nationalities. If I as the mayor with bias treated any nationalities, it wouldn't do good neither a community, nor the mayor, a depuy corps. In the city of Nikolaev we shouldn't allow it", - summed upVladimir Chaika.


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