In Nikolayevshchina bums catch cats and sell them on caps

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In the center of Nikolaev I saw the announcement on a tree. On it there was a photo of a red cat by nickname Casper and the message that to the one who will find an animal, his owner will pay remuneration of 200 dollars!

It was especially emphasized that the owner of Casper will really pay such considerable sum! The text and number of announcements said that it not draw - the person who has lost the fluffy friend, really wants it to find and won't regret for this purpose money.

I also forgot this episode and later couple of days near the "cat's" announcement saw two men who are very similar to bums. They, тыча fingers in a portrait of a cat, loudly argued, drawing attention of passersby.

- I said to you that this cat thoroughbred and for him it was necessary to ask more! - one of men of the interlocutor reproached.

- But who knew, what for a cat will give so much? The tariff standard - a cat on a cap for five hryvnias, - came true another.

I won't retell all heard conversation. I am afraid that bums really sold Casper to the one who does of animals of a cap. The similar facts, unfortunately, now in Nikolaev are frequent. Announcements of loss of pets on columns, trees and in other places it is possible to see much. And, cats and cats vanish in the basic. This fate comprehends dogs less often - Jolly-boats having good wool, Doggies and other their relatives can bite or even is strong погрызть those who wants to catch them. Quite another matter trustful cats and cats...

Recently I visited Snigirevke. Locals told me that at them dogs began to vanish. Citizens that Koreans who grow up onions registered in a neighborhood of the city connect it. And, probably, on plantations pets turn into a favourite dish of Korean cuisine. Whether so it, I don't know.

But a few years ago the really similar happened. About it I was told by the mayor Snigirevki of that time Alexander Larchenko.


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