Tymoshenko already storm takes what Yanukovych took away?

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On Friday there was a storm of the building of NAK "Nadra of Ukraine.

About building capture on Vladimirskaya Street, 34/9 the representative of the foreign company "Zentaks Limited" (Cyprus) Alexey Sluch who claims declared that the building belongs to this company, reports Liga.Net.

At the same time the state performers who have arrived to a place of the Shevchenkovsky area reported that in interests of the state they need to be convinced of safety of the building and its rooms.

With attraction about two tens persons in the civilian are beaten out lattices at the windows, the arrived people got into the room, having opened an entrance door from within. Also to the place of there arrived police officers.

The representative of "Zentaks Limited" turned out from the territory of the building which was surrounded by militia. Also there arrived representatives of "Golden eagle" from whom about 15 people entered the building.

It is known that on August 26 the government made the decision on return of the Nadra of Ukraine company of rooms in the center of Kiev.

"Yanukovych in the stay the prime minister - the minister took away from NAK "Nadra of Ukraine" property for the environment and personally", - the prime minister declared then.

"In - the first, it rooms which have historical value, on Vladimirskaya Street, 34 and Zolotovorotskoy, 9 in which there were NAK "Nadra of Ukraine", public institutions, threw out them practically on the street, forced them to rent any private rooms for huge money, and these rooms in the downtown gave to the structures", - told Tymoshenko.


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