Lutsenko expels on pension of the corrupt officials who have swum away by fat

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The Minister of Internal Affairs Yury Lutsenko obliged heads of militia since September 1 until the end of the year to dismiss from bodies of all corrupt officials.

The minister I gave such assignment on Friday on the Ministry of Internal Affairs expanded board in Khmelnytsky.

"Recently I am disturbed by executive behavior of your subordinates - I have such impression that you swam away fat after appointment in 2005 chiefs of regional and territorial administrations", - Lutsenko declared, reports avatars.

"Since September 1 until the end of the year - the period of clarification of militia. Clear all who got on illegal actions: or in prosecutor's office (guilty), or on pension", - the minister offered.

Thus it reminded heads of regional managements that during their appointment there was an arrangement that the employee of militia who made corruption actions and which the court recognized as the corrupt official, had to be dismissed next day from law-enforcement bodies.

"We agreed that next day such person has to leave bodies to hell... What do I have to make still that the police officers recognized by vessels by corrupt officials, were dismissed on the same day from law-enforcement bodies? Only 60 of 163 corrupt officials are dismissed. All godmothers and necessary people? ", - Lutsenko declared.

"Why those (negative) tendencies which were earlier renew today? To whom is such law-enforcement system which kills people during a pretrial investigation necessary?... I hope that we team not only in Day of militia when we lift a shot glass, but team every day", - the minister told.

According to the minister, he makes impression that in many areas times "tranquillity and self-admiration came, old regimes" come back.

"I won't allow it", - Lutsenko assured.


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