The pestilence of fish in Hersonshchina could occur from - for emissions of the Nikolaev enterprises

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As the deputy chief of the State ecological inspection in Kherson reported "To Ukraine young" areas Vasily Roziskul, experts instrumentalno - laboratory control already took water samples from Dnepro - the Bugsky estuary. In a place of mass death of a bull-calf considerable excess of norms of "chemistry" is established: ammonium (by 4,4 times), phosphates (by 8,8 times) and chlorides (by 7,4 times).

The industrial enterprises located in the Nikolaev area could dump such "cocktail". However until responsible will be found, and his illegal actions won't receive confirmation, the official version of that happened, in regional management of environmental protection consider "traditional" emission of hydrogen sulfide.

Vacationers of the Black Sea coast of Kherson can observe much more sad picture - on the coast dolphins jump out. Sometimes, that people in every possible way tried to return animals to native elements to rescue. However scientists warn: it it isn't necessary to do, after all close contact with perishing representatives of water fauna can be deadly. "We don't trace quantity of dolphins who ran aground, but it is considerable, - told "MIND" the director of the Black Sea biospheric reserve, the candidate of science Dmitry Chernyakov. - Only near the Tendrovsky spit kilometer - one and a half coastal strips are the share of everyone on the average on one lost dolphin practically all types which meet in our region, - azovka, афалин, is more rare белобочек.

We received the prevention of specialists of the Crimean laboratory of Bram that perishing dolphins can be carriers of very infectious disease similar to encephalitis. And so at all it isn't necessary to come nearer to "suicides". On the coast of the Crimea also recorded cases of death of dolphins from this disease. For the person it is pathogenic. It should be added that the Black Sea dolphins and still not seldom jumped out on land.The reasons of this phenomenon still up to the end aren't learned. Sometimes it occurs through eating of the fish infected with parasites who are soaked up in a body of a dolphin, "forcing down" his system of orientation at a sea depth.


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