To take away sanatorium - a dispensary "Ingul" in municipal property, the mayor of Nikolaev is ready to write the open letter

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It seems that again passions round sanatorium - a dispensary "Ingul" who is on balance of the Nikolaev shipbuilding plant of 61 Communards inflame.

We will remind that quite recently, the Nikolaev mayor was indignant and declared: "Plant of a name of 61 Communards against our city. The minister промполитики against our community. Because we fight now for sanatorium - a dispensary "Ingul" who remained one ambassador of disintegration of the Union. We fight because it is necessary to our community. That those who made it made very quietly. Today, considering that taxes 61 plants don't pay, the sanatorium got already to pledge of our tax inspection. It will buy for the sum by means of which liquidate debts on a salary, - within six million. All complex - for 11 million. And on it everything will end"

And at meeting of the city commission on questions of timely payment of a salary which took place on Friday, also the first deputy of the Nikolaev mayor Yury Granaturov about it spoke.

It subjected to rigid criticism of action of trade-union committee of plant of 61 Communards.

"The trade-union committee of plant goes the own way. You made the decision not to transfer object to the city municipal possession. You wrote us refusal, having put, the applications written under a carbon paper from people. At least commas there changed … Businessmen will come and we will remain without a thing. The open letter, signed by the mayor will be about it written. We so won't leave it is not the state approach", - Yury Granaturov declared, addressing to the chairman of trade-union committee of plant N. Golovchenko who was present at meeting.

"There already businessmen who want to appropriate this object turn. Everything will be sold "at auction". Here you will see", - the first deputy of the Nikolaev mayor added.

Nikolay Golovchenko tried to object vice-to the mayor supposedly we asked you to prepare necessary for object transfer documents …

"I want that you didn't suffer then when you will see, in whose hands there will be an object. I speak on behalf of a city bulk", - Yu. Granaturov interrupted.

Than the epic with sanatorium will end - a dispensary "Ingul" will show time.


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