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Privatization of the land plots under houses of the private sector became an element of a profit of the separate business concerns which don't have licenses for this kind of activity.

That somewhat quicker and without delays

Svetlana Volynets with nowadays already late husband Alexander lived in the private house down the street Metallurgists in the Ship area more than 20 years: here children, and here were born at them, it is possible to tell, there passed all their conscious life.

Under a residential building Svetlana Fiodorovna began to reflect on privatization of the land plot when retired, besides, in the husband found an oncological disease, and the house was registered on it. By and large, Svetlana Volynets tells, more husband insisted on earth privatization: I felt that with its disease long you won't stretch.

Earth privatization as it appeared, quickly not to issue: there is a lot of trouble. It would be desirable, that somewhat quicker and without delays. The familiar deputy of Zhovtnevy regional council Arut Rushanyan prompted to Svetlana Fiodorovna coordinates of one business concern in Nikolaev - JSC Konsensus Trading House who, allegedly, is engaged in earth privatization. A bit later, Arut Ashotovich also won't be glad that advised Svetlana Volynets to address in this firm. According to him, he didn't know that it for firm, simply saw where - that announcement with the indication of works on earth privatization, here and wrote down phone.

- When we with Arut came to the office of JSC Konsensus Trading House located in Yubileyny Public service center on Mira Avenue, 2-and, - Svetlana Fiodorovna speaks, - that us very friendly was met by Natalya Sergeevna Savotina, most likely, the wife or simply relative of the director Victor Aleksandrovich Savotin. Having listened to us, it sympathized with my sick husband and assured that will try to issue in 7-8 months privatization of the land plot on the husband. For this purpose it is necessary to pay two thousand hryvnias, to bring the floor-by-floor plan and coordination of neighbors that they not against privatization of the land plot with a total area of 10 hundred parts to the address: Metallurgov St., 49. I brought all these coordination and the floor-by-floor plan to Savotina just next day. I gave also money in the sum of 2 thousand hryvnias.However in exchange I didn't receive any receipts as - that was inconvenient to demand and not before to me then was if only rather to issue privatization. Natalya Sergeevna even was indignant: the pier, what receipts, you that, don't trust us? It was November, 2007.

The firm of brooms doesn't knit …

Passed four months, and from "land surveyors" there are no news: nobody comes to site measurement, doesn't call. When arrived to office again, in reply I heard calming words supposedly don't worry, we work with your site. Just next day to Volyntsam there arrived any guy and executed site measurement. And again silence for half a year. Often to go on firm Svetlana Fiodorovna had no opportunity, was tied, as they say, on hands and feet by the cancer patient the husband. The woman didn't want to admit to herself, however anywhere you won't get to, she saw that the husband handed over not on days, and on hours.

On the expiration of year from the date of the appeal to JSC Konsensus Trading House, Svetlana Volynets again addresses to them, asks to issue documents relying by it for privatization of the land plot addressed to the sick husband. In reply hears the same promises that supposedly we will finish soon and we will give out.

In three months - on February 28, 2009, the husband dies. Having departed a little from a funeral, now the widow goes again to this firm and reports to them about death of the husband, asks to consult that to do to it farther.

- Natalya Sergeevna showed me the solution of session of the City Council, dated January, 2009 where it is agreed to privatization of our land plot, - Svetlana Fiodorovna tells, - and told also that they finish work on privatization registration, and the act on the right of a private property for the earth will be ready soon. On my question of that the recipient of the act already died, she answered that it isn't important that still in force. Besides, she told that I have to pay in addition to them for work of 2800 more hryvnias. I, certainly, had no such money and such sum didn't make a reservation earlier.

Svetlana Fiodorovna began to consult at other land surveyors of the city, how many actually there is a privatization of their personal land plot. She was told that approximately 1600 hryvnias. Production term - 8 months. Well, and when she addressed in department of a municipal government of land resources and called this firm, was very surprised: in the register of the enterprises which are engaged in land management, JSC Konsensus Trading House doesn't appear.

Floor-by-floor plan as hostage of a situation

Considering that Svetlana Fiodorovna has no money for surcharge to "Consensus", she decides to take away from them at least the floor-by-floor plan. But not here - that was.

- In response to my request to return the original of the floor-by-floor plan Natalya Sergeevna told me supposedly there will be money, there will be also documents.

Last time to them I went together with the deputy who recommended me this firm. Arut Rushanyan also couldn't understand how so could happen that one sum of money made a reservation, and demand another. Unless so do?

Neither words of the deputy, nor arguments of the widow Volynets didn't conceive due impact on a situation: without money nobody was going to return the floor-by-floor plan. Besides, as it appeared, between the customer and the performer the written contract wasn't issued. Weren't given as well receipts for payment of two thousand hryvnias.

- After death of the husband passed already half a year, - Svetlana Fiodorovna speaks, - I already understood that from this firm I will achieve nothing. For certain, to me I got used to spend considerable money for production of the new floor-by-floor plan and to address in other firm to issue earth privatization. Nevertheless, it would be desirable to warn people that they didn't fall into a trap, so to speak, quirky businessmen of similar business concerns.

For your money everything that you want

For objectivity of made journalistic investigation the correspondent of "NB" went to JSC Konsensus Trading House. At the office located on Mira v Dome Avenue of a life "Anniversary", the management it didn't appear. Visitors were accepted by the fair-haired very young girl. She важливо answered questions interesting the people. In particular, on a question of the correspondent of "NB" as the visitor, whether the firm is engaged in privatization of the earth and in what sum it manages, the girl answered that it will cost 1500 hryvnias.

- The final sum to you will be shortchanged by our lawyer, it accepts after six evenings, - the girl stretched the business card with ukazany coordinates of the lawyer Savotina Natalya Sergeevna.

On a reverse side of the laminated business card 11 types of service which are rendered, allegedly, by this firm are specified. In particular, there it is registered that they carry out privatization of the earth, housing, branch of the land plots, registration самозастроев, etc. Generally, firm - a semidelka, for your money everything that you want.

Strange, but on office sign it was written - JSC YuA Konsensus, and in the handed-over business card other firm - JSC Konsensus Trading House appeared at all. The lovely girl politely reported: this one and too.

Talking to the journalist who has called on the mobile phone, Natalya Sergeevna was revolted that her client Volynets dared to complain in the newspaper.

- What it unscrupulous, we to it with with all the heart … - was heard on that end of a wire.

And on a question why didn't make as it is necessary the contract on cooperation and didn't issue the receipt on receiving from the client of two thousand hryvnias, the interlocutor, without philosophizing crafty, I answered that supposedly that didn't ask any receipts and didn't insist to sign the written contract.

As it became clear during short telephone conversation, this firm is engaged in legal services, that is, mediation at registration of privatization of the earth. However there is quite logical question: why it isn't registered in service conditions? Then it is the most real zamanilovka? After all JSC Konsensus Trading House has no license to deal with issues of privatization of the earth.


Frankly speaking, a situation in which there was Svetlana Volynets typical. Having appeared in turmoil of the sad events connected with death of the person dear to it, she also couldn't think that her can mislead. Clear business, in such cases not to receipts and written contracts.

Surprises and guards another: if the business concern JSC Konsensus Trading House is engaged in providing legal services, that is is strong in law why it didn't issue the contract for service with the client? After all for lawyers this procedure of the special isn't difficult. Well, and the lack of distribution of receipts on payment of money involuntarily suggests an idea that the money received from the client simply won't be credited.

We think that for Svetlana Volynets the happened history becomes a good vital lesson. The money given for privatization, as well as the floor-by-floor plan not to return any more. Well, and in newspaper editorial office she came, probably, to warn other people from similar "legal services".

Signing contracts it is necessary to be extremely attentive. It is better to spend superfluous time half an hour, than then in vessels to prove the case for years.


"The Nikolaev business"


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