In Odessa knights battled, nikolayevets took part in tournament

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The knightly fights dated for celebration of the City Day, took place before a colonnade on Primorsk the boulevard in Odessa, transfers Reporter Odessa news agency.

More than 30 fighters were invited to tournament from Odessa, Kiev, Dnepropetrovsk and Nikolaev. Participants represented clubs "Tangar", "Luxembourg", "Griffin", "Ainu Ber" and others.

According to the member of the organizing committee of this action Dmitry, the equipment of modern "knights" represents different eras - from an easy leather armor of a rusichy IX century to the Spanish heavy armor of the XVIII century.

Under the opened sky the smithy where masters in the face of the audience created various metal wares, from flowers to a cold weapon worked.

Fighters participated in competitions a board - a sword, a sword - a sword and in group fights. A battle was conducted to 8 points: for hit in the head or a torso - 2 points, in hands and in a site of a foot are higher than a knee - on 1 point. It was forbidden to strike pricking blows, blows with a board edge, in a groin, and also to use wrestling receptions.

The master - in historical fencing some participants in 2 fights on 3 rounds showed a class. This competition represented "fights without rules": in them any receptions and blows were allowed.

Besides, within action dancers showed the master - a class on the Irish step.

The winners who have taken the first 3 places in competitions a board - a sword and a sword - a sword, received for the first place tournament blades, for the second - historical axes, for the third - "medieval utensils". "Professionals for demonstration performances will win monetary prizes in a size bigger, than a living wage in Ukraine", - Dmitry emphasized.

The head of the Kiev club of "Ainu Ber" Alexey Lyalushko told to "Reporter" that in Ukraine there are many knightly clubs and associations. "But the association which really would unite all knights, doesn't exist", - he declared.

The head of club also hoped that shortly knightly fencing will be recognized at the state level as an official sport. "Because it really sports: he trains a body and spirit", - the head emphasized.

Among the audience of tournament were the mayor of Odessa Eduard Gurvits with the wife.


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