Seagull I "walked" on the management of plant and trade-union committee of plant of 61 Communards

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Today, on September 3, before 36-й City Council sessions the mayor Vladimir Chaika again raised the question of sanatorium - a dispensary "Ingul" of plant of 61 Communards.

We will remind that quite recently, the Nikolaev mayor was indignant and declared: "Plant of a name of 61 Communards against our city. The minister промполитики against our community. Because we fight now for sanatorium - a dispensary "Ingul" who remained one ambassador of disintegration of the Union. We fight because it is necessary to our community. That those who made it made very quietly. Today, considering that taxes 61 plants don't pay, the sanatorium got already to pledge of our tax inspection. It will buy for the sum by means of which liquidate debts on a salary, - within six million. All complex - for 11 million. And on it everything will end"

Today the mayor of Nikolaev called actions of the management of plant and trade-union committee a sneer at a depuy corps and a city bulk.

- They address to us on all questions, - the mayor noted, - and write: "We won't allow to rob sanatorium - a dispensary "Ingul" and the former pioneer camp "Kommunarovets"! ".

He suggested to invite the labor union and plant management to a meeting at mass media, and to explain the position. Also Chaika reminded that the plant has 6 million UAH of a debt for land lease, and about 4 - on a salary.

Seagull I asked the secretary city for suggestions Korenyugina to organize this meeting to put the end to these questions.

The mayor reminded that "Ingul" is in tax pledge and will be sold at auction, and then "we will lose the last object where veterans, Chernobyl veterans and others" can be revitalized.

- And what it for labor union? - the mayor told. - If they think if they total 200 people, can influence everything? The city community is more than half a million people! "


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