38 deputies with mysterious signatures try to overthrow all Crimean power

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38 deputies of the Supreme Council of the Crimea initiate convocation of extraordinary session for removal on it of questions of resignation of Council of ministers of the Crimea and the chairman of the board Anatoly Gritsenko.

It on a press - conferences were declared by the deputy of Council of the Crimea Vladimir Klychnikov.

According to him, on September 2 38 deputies from fractions "Soyuz", "Kommunisty", "Blok Kunitsyna" and part of deputies from "The block for Yanukovych" delivered to the signature under the statement to Gritsenko with functional requirement of extraordinary session.

Klychnikov noted that according to regulations extraordinary session has to be appointed no later than September 12.

It is offered to submit 8 questions for this meeting, among which resignation of the chairman of the parliament Gritsenko and Council of ministers of the Crimea.

Klychnikov noted that if Gritsenko will refuse to appoint session, deputies will address in prosecutor's office of the Crimea.

He added that then initiators of extraordinary session will conduct it independently with representatives of supervising department.

"To all it is clear that the power should be changed because already went too far. At least on current legislation violation, since work of parliament and operating Council of ministers, went too far. The majority of members of parliament it understand", - the deputy told.

According to the vice-the speaker of VS of the Crimea Mikhail Bakharev, authenticity of several signatures under the statement for convocation of extraordinary session raises doubts.

"I know that Sergey Pavlovich Tsekov (the first vice-the chairman of VS) will confirm that it is its signature, but here it is forged", - the deputy declared.

He added that, according to its data, deputies Evgeny Mikhaylov (For Yanukovych Block) and Sergey Kazachenko (Blok Kunitsyna) withdrew the signatures under the statement.

According to the deputy of VS of the Crimea Grigory Ioffe, the legal service of parliament made the conclusion that the application for carrying out extraordinary session is submitted with violations of regulations of Council of the Crimea.

"Legal grounds for convocation of session are absent", - considers Ioffe.

According to regulations, extraordinary session has to be appointed within 10 days after giving to the head of parliament of the statement with the requirement about its convocation.


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