The first vice-the prime minister connects attack on гривню with "Naftogaz" payments for gas

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Course falling to hryvnia in the currency market is caused by actions of speculators who once again tried to play on approach of term of large payment of NAK Naftogaz Ukrainy for supply of the Russian gas, considers the first vice-the prime minister Oleksandr Turchynov.

"You can take the mute as the course rises: monthly, as time of NAK approaches to pay off, - in two days the course raises before, and on it currency speculators" earn, - he told journalists in Kiev on Friday.

"No economic bases that the course was constantly destabilized, except speculative operations are present", - declared the first vice-the prime minister.

According to him, from actions of speculators the state and "Naftogaz" lose hundreds millions dollars. "It is antistate and anticonstitutional activity. Unfortunately, we don't observe rigid reaction of NBU", - A.Turchinov told.

He once again emphasized that the question of an exchange rate is only the National Bank prerogative, and the government can't interfere with this activity of the regulator.

As it was reported, on Friday "Naftogaz" paid to the Russian JSC Gazprom, according to the Ministry of Finance, $667 million in comparison with $605 million which the company, on words of the prime minister Yulia Timoshenko, paid for July deliveries.

The course to hryvnia in the interbank currency market decreased for this week from 8,5 UAH / $1 to 8,8 UAH / $1, thus on Friday the price of sale of dollar closely came nearer to 9 UAH

At the same time the National Bank continues to hold an official rate to hryvnia at level to 8 UAH / $1. According to government arrangements with NBU "Naftogaz" buys currency directly from National Bank at an official rate.

The day before the president of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko called the main reason for devaluation to hryvnia the unbalanced state budget, which deficiency of more than 30 billion UAH the government financed for the account is poor issues to hryvnia on which NBU agreed.

At the same time A.Turchinov on Friday declared that the budget remains balanced, however didn't give any figures.


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