On the house where there lived the known poet Emil Yanvarev, established a memorial board

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Today, on September 4, opening of the memorial board devoted to the known Nikolaev poet, the cultural and public figure Emil Yanvaryov took place.

The board is established on a house No. 56 wall down the street to Shevchenko (between streets of Lyagin and Decembrists). It is the house in which E. Yanvaryov lived from 1944 to 1966 in which its formation as the poet in whom he wrote the first verses took place.

In this "sad, sad - and representatives of the city power, admirers of talent of Emil Yanvaryov came to the same light and good afternoon" to the house of the poet and, undoubtedly, those who knew it during lifetime - "brotherhood" of the Nikolaev poets, writers, publishers, etc.

- Emil Yanvaryov was loved very much by many in this city, - the poet, the editor-in-chief of the Evening Nikolaev newspaper Vladimir Puchkov told. - It became still during lifetime - for me, for example, - same "sight" of our city, as a ladder on the Embankment in Flotsky Boulevard, as yachts - club...

It was noted that Emil Yanvaryov embodied not invented plots in the works, and wrote about real life, that surrounds all of us.

Board on which the sculptor Ivan Bulavitsky worked, the deputy mayor Raisa Vdovichenko and the closest people of the poet - his wife and grandsons opened...


Emil Izrailevich Yanvaryov was born in Nikolaev on January 30, 1931. In 1952 I graduated from the Nikolaev state teacher training institute, in 1953 - m - Literary institute of Gorky. Years I worked hard as the teacher at school of young workers.

In 1955 its verses and stories started being printed in the periodical press. E. Yanaryov's first book "Crossing" left in 1967 in Soviet Writer publishing house.

Emil Yanvaryov - the author of 15 books: "Crossing" (1967), "Present" (1971), "Characters" (1972), "Open lesson" (1975), "Ship ballads" (1977), "School of adults" (1079), "Handwriting" (1981), "A measure of forces" (1984), "An echo on the square" (1987), "The new address" (1989), "the Olviysky mooring" (1991), "Document" (1997), "My verses is younger than me" (2000), "Combination of circumstances" (2001), "Original" (2006, it is published after death of the poet).

Emil Izrailevich was one of authors of the publicistic book "On Time Break", literaturno - the art almanac "Pismena", and at the edition of the encyclopedic dictionary of "Nikolayevtsa" was not only one of authors, but also was a part of editorial council. In a co-authorship with M. Vladimov E. Yanvaryov wrote the drama "It Was in Nikolaev", and in a co-authorship with Boris Arov created scenarios of documentary films "Good-bye, Ships", "Hidden Passenger". Emil Yanvaryov and Boris Arov's poem became lyrics "If doesn't exist shipbuilders, there would be Kolumbov never".

E.I. Yanvaryov acted with publicistic reflections and literary essays on pages of newspapers and magazines, conducted the heading "Coffee table" in the Evening Nikolaev newspaper. Since 1994 - the permanent leader of TV program "Field of vision". Many years Emil Izrailevich conducted various literary associations: litstudiya in the Palace of pioneers, the association "Reflector" at Palace of culture of medics, regional litobjedineny and others. Being the judge, Emil Yanvaryov stood at the origins of creation of new symbols of the city of Nikolaev - the coat of arms, a flag and the anthem.

In 1997 E.I. Yanvaryov was awarded ranks "The citizen of year", in 1999 became the winner of a prestigious literary award of Nikolay Ushakov and the Honourable citizen of Nikolaev is awarded ranks.

Emil Yanvaryov died on October 5, 2005.


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