The Nikolaev physicians made the offers on Constitution change. In particular, supported free medical aid within public financing

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The president Victor Yushchenko suggested Ukrainians to discuss the bill of Ukraine "About modification of the Constitution of Ukraine".

On September 4 in Nikolaevsk the regional center of health meeting of physicians from 17 regional lechebno - preventive establishments took place.

As reports management of health care of the regional state administration, they suggested to make changes in Art. 49 of the Constitution for the purpose of reduction it to compliance with Art. 95.

In particular, to guarantee free medical aid in the state and municipal institutions of health care within available financing by the owner, i.e. the state.

To provide the guaranteed minimum of free medical aid which the state capable really to provide in the Law. Other types of free medical aid have to have the price definiteness.

To guarantee appropriate level of compensation of the medical personnel of the state and municipal institutions of health care according to level of their qualification and complexity of the performed work.

Physicians - supernumeraries noted that in comparison with existing Constitution, the project doesn't contain norm about impossibility of reduction of an existing network of institutions of health care that, in their opinion, is economically unreasonable.

Unanimously experts supported the offer concerning passing by candidates of all levels of medical examination with the conclusions about a state of health.

The made decisions and offers sent collectives to management of health care of the regional state administration for systematization and the further direction in the secretariat of the President.


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