Yushchenko accuses Russia of destabilization, and Tymoshenko is tied to business by an otravleniiya

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The president Victor Yushchenko accused Russia of situation destabilization in the Crimea.

He declared it in interview to the German weekly Der Spiegel, "The German wave" transfers.

Yushchenko told that on the Russian Black Sea fleet lawlessness and laxity" which led to the recent conflicts to the Ukrainian militiamen dominates ".

According to him, Ukraine reserves the right to control military presence of Russia on the peninsula the lease agreement with which expires in 2017.

And as there are forces which stake on situation destabilization in the Crimea, Ukraine has to look for supports from NATO, the president emphasized.

Yushchenko also warned that influence of Russia on Ukraine can lead to loss of basic democratic values.

Besides, the president once again accused the head of the government Yulia Timoshenko that it represents interests of Russia.

According to Yushchenko, Tymoshenko's environment interfered with investigation of circumstances of poisoning by its dioxine in 2004.

As the president noted, investigation of attempt at his life is already complete.

People who directly organized poisoning during the official dinner, are four years in Moscow, Yushchenko claims.

Among them - the former deputy head of Security service, the cook and someone from servants, he noted.


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