Witz - the mayor the regional was frightened Byutovtsev and therefore the question of construction of waste recycling plant wasn't considered?

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We wrote that at session of city council the issue of construction in Nikolaev of waste burning plant had to be resolved. But during session the director of the department of housing and communal services,the deputy of the City Council fromParty of Regions Vladimir NovozhilovI asked to remove a question of plant as on the working group considered from the agenda and solved not all questions.

And it everything after the sameV. NovozhilovOn September 1 I declared that all questions on plant are settled.

- On the commission we managed to make much, defined a place, firm which will be engaged in construction, - Vladimir Novozhilov told, - but at meetings of fractions it became clear that the question won't pass - all documents aren't ready yet.

"Early to raise this question at session, we won't get support. We decided to finish documents, and at the following session to raise a question on the agenda", - explainedV. Novozhilov.

Why the director of the department of housing and communal services so quickly changes the position and whether the waste burning plant will be constructed in the territory of the city of Nikolaev?

Possibly, Vladimir Novozhitov was frightened by a position on the BYuT fraction matter in Nikolaevsk city council. As it was succeeded to learn"Crime. Is NOT PRESENT", deputies from BYuT against construction of waste burning plant within the city. It is possible for this reason the question and wasn't submitted for session.

To clear a situation, we addressed to the deputy of city councilTo Vadim Merikov.

"To build similar plant within the city, in that place where it is offered, it is impossible. In all countries similar plants settle down at decent distance from settlements. We can't endanger inhabitants of that area in which territory it is offered to construct this object. Besides, it is necessary to understand in details still as tariffs for garbage removal for the population after when the plant will be put into operation will change. But the main issue there is an environmental issue", - declaredVadim Merikov.

He added that it not only its position, but also a position of all fraction.

"At first it is necessary to deal up to the end with the arisen questions, to give on them answers but only then - to take out this question on обсу


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