The order of passing of checkup is changed – to drivers gave three more months of odds

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GAI department didn't manage to create a network of the establishments, authorized to perform the state technical inspection - as a result of division of GAI worked with double loading, and many drivers had difficulties.

Therefore as reports sector on public relations of management of GAI in the Nikolaev area, the government made some changes to the legislation.

The resolution of Cabinet of Ministers of August 19, 2009 No. 892 changed point 3 ¹ resolutions of the Cabinet of Ukraine of July 9, 2008 No. 606 which it is stated in such edition: "To establish that till July 1, 2010 in case of absence within the territory of the region of subjects of managing, representatives on carrying out check of technical condition of wheel vehicles during the state technical inspection, an inspection of technical condition of vehicles is carried out in points of technical control of the State traffic inspectorate which are located in the respective area".

In other words, now divisions of GAI are authorized to control technical condition of cars on points of checkup specially equipped for this purpose.

As a whole on the Nikolaev area 13 diagnostic stations which carry out check of technical condition of vehicles are:

- State of emergency "Arouna - the Partner", Nikolaev, st. of Engels, 47;

- JSC Orion-Avto, Nikolaev, Kazarsky St., 4;

- JSC Avto center na Stroiteley, Nikolaev, Stroiteley St., 5;

- JSC Diagnostika remont i service, Nikolaev, Stroiteley St., 15/1;

- JSC Tekhnotorg-DON, Nikolaev, Michurin St., 2 and;

- State of emergency "Arouna - the Partner", Voznesensk, st. October revolution, 254;

- State of emergency "Arouna - the Partner". New Odessa, Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya St., 18;

- State of emergency "Misurin R. V.", m Pervomaisk, Voznesenskaya St., 75;

- State of emergency "Arouna - the Partner", m Yuzhnoukrainsk, Energokompleks St., 26;

- FOP "Lyakhovsky Ampere-second. ", PGT Curve Lake, Nekrasov St., 6;

- FOP "Ivanishin S. S.", of Bashtank, Shevchenko St., 63 and;

- FOP "Byelik A.P. ", Voznesensk, Lenin St., 45;

- "Arouna - Plus".New Bug, Moskovskaya St., 2.

These diagnostic stations brought in the All-Ukrainian register. Results of diagnostics are entered in minutes of check of technical condition of the car, and the owner of a car has to come with this protocol and the list of documents to GAI division for 45 days. In State traffic inspectorate division once again will examine the vehicle, will check the first-aid kit, the fire extinguisher and a sign of an emergency stop, existence of the policy of obligatory insurance гражданско - legal responsibility of owners of land vehicles, the medical certificate, timeliness of payment of penalties for administrative offenses, will study all documents and will issue the coupon which confirms that the car serviceable.

By new rules to pass diagnostics and to receive the protocol on technical condition of the vehicle it is possible in any region of Ukraine, but the coupon of checkup is issued in a car place of registration.

Documents necessary for passing of the state technical inspection of vehicles:

- the passport or other document which proves the identity, - for natural persons; reference copies from EDRPOU and the document which confirms the fact of fixing of means for the driver, - for legal entities;

- the protocol of check of the technical condition, given out by the subject of managing not earlier than 45 days before date of carrying out checkup, or the international certificate of technical inspection issued by the center of technical inspection for means which carry out international transport of freights and passengers;

- registration and other documents which confirm the right of use of the specified means;

- the certificate of the driver who grants the right to direct means of the corresponding category, and the coupon to it;

- the medical certificate concerning suitability of the driver to management of means of the corresponding category;

- the policy of obligatory insurance гражданско - legal responsibility of owners of land means or the document which confirms the right for release from insurance;

- the receipt on payment of a tax on owners of vehicles and other self-propelled cars and mechanisms and, in case of existence, the document which confirms the right for privileges for payment of such tax (legal entities in addition moves calculation of a tax on owners of means);

- permission to establishment and use of special sound and (or) light signaling devices;

- on means which transport dangerous freights, the certificate on a means assumption to transportation of dangerous freights and the certificate on training of drivers of means who transport dangerous freights in addition moves;

- on means which work at gas fuel, the document which confirms carrying out test of gas fuel system in an order and in time, installed for this type of the equipment and its complete set is in addition filed.

Besides, the term of carrying out checkup comes to an end on December 15, 2009, i.e. there are three more months.

We will remind if the owner of a car in due time didn't provide the car for checkup passing, it will be punished by a penalty in the amount of 340 to 425 UAH. Vehicle operation without coupon about passing of the state technical inspection is forbidden.

Concerning checkup passing, it is possible to address in GAI office on service of the administrative territory of your area. The office of GAI is in Nikolaev that to the address: Karl Liebknecht St., incorporated bank. 22 (group of office of autotechnical inspection).


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