Two more dorozhno - transport incidents took away lives of people

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On September 5, 2009 about 16.00 hours in Voznesensky the area in the village of Taborivk, on Pobedy St. opposite to the house No. 25, 44 - the summer driver, the inhabitant of Voznesensk, directing the Citroen car on the rounded-off site of the road, I didn't choose the safe speed of movement, I didn't manage to drive, I moved down in a ditch and I drove on a tree.

Owing to dorozhno - transport incident the driver from the got injuries died on the spot tragedies, and 37 - the summer passenger about a fracture of a jaw is delivered in Voznesenskaya to TsRB.

On September 07 at half past one a.m. on the highway "Odessa — Melitopol — Novoazovsk" the driver and/m MAZ-53381 33 of years, the inhabitant of Nikolaev, moving in the direction of Nikolaev, I left on a strip of oncoming traffic and I allowed collision with and/m Mercedes - Bens-303, under control of the inhabitant of the Chernigov area of 46 years who moved on a meeting aside Odessa.

Owing to road accident was lost on a scene 24 - the summer passenger of the car Mercedes - Bens - 303, the inhabitant Odessa, and the driver and/m Mercedes - Bens-303 was delivered by ambulance in TsRB пгт. Berezanka, with the diagnosis: brain concussion, bruise of soft fabrics on the right foot, chopped wounds in a face, reports a press - service UGAI Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Nikolaev area.

Safety improvement on highways is one of priorities of work of the State traffic inspectorate this year. According to the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Yu. Lutsenko, actually this year on highways of the state it was succeeded to preserve life over 1800 people and to prevent traumatizing of 10,8 thousand participants of traffic.

However the analysis of accident rate confirms that dorozhno - transport incidents rough ignoring of requirements of Traffic regulations by all categories of its participants - both drivers, and pedestrians is the main reasons.

Main types of violations which bring to dorozhno - to transport incidents with serious consequences, excess of speed, maneuvering violation of the rules, in particular overtaking and departure on an oncoming lane, violation of the rules of journey of intersections and management of drunk vehicles are.

How real danger hangs over each of participants of movement from - for carelessness of some drivers, tell for itself some figures.

On implementation of new requirements of the legislation in traffic safety sphere, Yu. Lutsenko notes, since the beginning of year on state highways inspectors of GAI revealed more than 4 million violations of the rules of traffic, from which 3,1 million such which directly influence a condition of accident rate. It is thus imposed penalties on total amount nearly 900 million UAH, over 500 million UAH

are paid

If to speak about the Nikolaev area, on its highways are already made 1972 dorozhno - transport incidents that is 56% less in comparison with the similar period of last year in which 85 people were lost and 532 participants of traffic are injured.

Besides, it should be noted that for a year inspectors of GAI documented 163 thousand violations, from them 14 155 - for drunk management, 51 038 - for excess of the established speed of movement; 7 376 - overtaking violations of the rules; 696 - for creation of an emergency and 10 596 - violations of the rules of journey of intersections.

At the same time, disturbing is that fact that vessels on the made administrative materials for management of drunk motor transport as a whole on the state only every seventh offender loses the right of management of vehicles. As a result, the quantity revealed drunk at a wheel incessantly grows and reached 1500 people a day, Yu. Lutsenko reported.


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