Today in the Nikolaev church the concert of an organ music will take place. The national actor of Ukraine Vladimir Koshuba

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Only yesterdayVladimir KoshubaI arrived to Nikolaev, and at once I started rehearsing. We met it when the actor was in jeans and a sports jacket - for body the president of All-Ukrainian association of organists changed at once from the bus. In only two days it is necessary to be prepared, adapt to the new tool to subdue the Nikolaev listeners. Already today at seven o'clock in the evening the Catholic temple will be full to the people - sounds of a chamber orchestra and recently established body will merge in one rhythm.

The art director and the chief conductor - the honored worker of arts of UkraineDmitry Zhuravlev.

With the national actor of UkraineVladimir Koshuboy, which will act as the soloist and will play on the organ, our correspondent communicated.

- You for the first time in Nikolaev?

- As the organist I here the first time because here the body only opened. But I worked in the Nikolaev philharmonic hall since 1974 therefore I repeatedly happened in philharmonic hall, in the old building which, unfortunately, is now destroyed. I acted as the pianist in ensemble with vocalists, with instrumentalists, with flutists - with Evgeny Ganin, with Vladimir Avdeev and many other musicians. So the Nikolaev philharmonic hall is very well familiar to me until the building wasn't destroyed.

- You orthodox. Whether comfortably you feel in the Catholic temple?

- God one, and music one. It doesn't depend on religion. I work 27 years in the National house of organ and chamber music of the city of Kiev, we are in Saint Nikolay's church. We have very close cooperation, I act worldwide: both in Protestant, and in Catholic churches. Religion here at anything.

- Whether offers to become the Catholic arrived to you?

- No. I orthodox, and it don't influence creative process. God one, it isn't dependent on belief. I am not the church organist. Therefore the professional relation is very important. It is necessary to carry God in heart, not important, what you religions - the Catholic, the Muslim or orthodox.

- You said that each tool has the soul. What soul at the Nikolaev body?

- I only adapt, now rather difficult. We have a rehearsal. In a church very big acoustics. It is very good for body. But very big distance from body to an orchestra, the conductor practically it isn't visible so we adapt. It is rather difficult to play music because the orchestra sits near an altar, and I sit on a balcony, and visual control very difficult. We include experience, practice, and we are engaged, engaged, engaged. Yesterday rehearsed, today we rehearse. I hope that the concert will take place successfully.

- You said that for the Pope would play Bach. And what would play for the Nikolaev listener?

- I acted repeatedly in Italy and worldwide. A few years ago I was invited to play in Vatican at Christmas concerts under leadership of the Italian president of - to Champi. However, Baha I there didn't play. Also I had very prestigious concerts in Washington in the National cathedral (USA), and in New - York (USA), and in Madrid (Spain), and others. For me even the highest rank - all the same the listener. Not important, it is a civil rank, either militia, or the military, or his Holiness. I simply play music for the listener whom I have to subdue.

- You already had time to take a walk in Nikolaev?

- Time especially wasn't, but I perfectly remember that in Nikolaev I wildly liked fish shops. As soon as I here came, I stocked up in Nikolaev with fish because I love fish production, excuse for such mercantilism. And city fine, beautiful, green and pure. While I didn't come into fish shop, but each time when I came to Nikolaev, I gained the mass of fish: smoked, dried and other.

- Perhaps, you liked any special places in the city?

- You know, I arrived yesterday, the whole day was engaged so especially I didn't see places. But as I have a wife a sort from Nikolaev, we here came with the child, walked in the park. Beautiful, beautiful city. We were on the small river, had a rest several times. Fine place for life and for rest.

- You leave today?

- Yes, I leave today.

- You have very busy schedule and big loadings. How you consult?

- I got used to it. I go on tour quite a lot - since 1974.As I already told, worked with national actors - with Gulyaev, with Solovyanenko, with Kondratyuk. 35 years I travel about worldwide.

- When still it is possible to wait for you in Nikolaev?

- Yet I don't know. At first we will look as will pass a concert, whether there will be an interest of the city authorities. I want to address to the city authorities, because the city the big, regional center. I consider that this big event when the organ music in the commonwealth with a chamber orchestra sounds. I since have number the Crane very long creative, personal friendship - since 1981. Let listeners, me already the seventh ten be not frightened these figures. It would be desirable, of course, that the creative friendship lasted, and listeners of the city of Nikolaev had opportunity to listen to a classical organ music, not only body as the church tool accompanied by church service.

The concert in a church that on Dekabristov Street, will take place on September 7 at 19.00. Ticket cost - 20 hryvnias. Phones of leisure cash desk: 50-10-10, 24-70-67, 24-70-59.


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