The budget will treat electricity?

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According to popular wisdom if that want to sell the large quickly, so whether in the budget there is no money, whether soon elections.

Present grandiose privatization plans correspond to both of these conditions. Moreover, as a bonus world financial crisis that means the extremely sluggish interest of "foreign" investors "is applied" to them.

The main hope of the government - to tire out more expensively the Odessa port plant. About the legendary "Ukrtelecom" which sales will soon go already to the second ten years while we won't speak. Especially as the political decision on sale of a state block of shares of actions of ours by a TV set - the monopolist is signed by one hand, and another - the same actions are transferred from FGI management to management of the Ministry of transport and communication. And it won't be possible to get them from there for sale in any way.

Well and the following potential donor of treasury is quite traditional - power, more precisely, the power distributing companies. The situation in this sphere too is rather indicative.

Since 2001, despite the sea of promises, in Ukraine it wasn't sold any controlling stake of the power companies. Thus plans sufficed: promised the international competitions, elected financial advisers and so forth. "Exhaust" was almost zero. …

Unless at the end of 2002 the State property fund on a desperate request of "the Slovak friends" (from group of Muscovites of Mikhail Vojvodina and Aleksandra Babakova who was represented then by unforgettable g - N Kurochkin) put up for sale at the Kiev international stock exchange 25-percentage equity stakes of JSC Sumyoblenergo and JSC Poltavaoblenergo. And the auction then organized so that anybody, except "only correct" the applicant, couldn't participate in them. Whereas time there was "vypressovyvaniye" of the co-owner of group privatized at the end of 90-x years of regional power Konstantin Grigorishin.

But Grigorishin managed to agree again with Victor Pinchuk (then the modest son-in-law of the president), and the auction cancelled at the last minute. On what, actually, all also decayed for five years...

More precisely, in an energy drink of a shake-up proceeded - but already between private shareholders.

Projects of alliances of Grigorishin and Pinchuk arose and broke up, on the market Anatoly Chubais tried to come.Konstantin Grigorishin conceded the packages to Igor Kolomoysky, and then had legal proceedings for them. The part of money came even on Maidan financing. After which victory there were noisy attempts of the return capture of two regional power, reduced as a result to monthly fight for "Prikarpatyeoblenergo" change house …

But the state in this case participated only at the level of officials - lobbyists. Thanks to which Rinat Akhmetov easily and easy considerably strengthened control over "Dneprenergo", having caused in Igor Kolomoysky the feelings which are extremely far from the enthusiastic.

However, in this case there was a scheme of converting of debts loved by Donetsk citizens in the action, fulfilled at the very beginning of the current decade on "Donbassenergo" and "Donetskoblenergo".

I didn't stand aside and the capital. At first the team ex-the mayor Omelchenko tried vtikhy "to dissolve" "Kiyevenergo" state block of shares, and then already the team of the new town governor Chernovetsky silently and without dust sold a 12,7-percentage package of "Kiyevenergo" belonging to the city to couple ofshorok of - on Akhmetov …

The state, we will repeat, had a good time plans. At first it was going to sell controlling stakes, then to start with small, then over again the big... It was interesting to watch bends of majestic thought, but practical advantage brought a little.
In 2007 the Cabinet of Ministers decided to sell blocking packages in six privatized regional power, but in some months was straightened out from the secretariat of the president. On Bank urgently demanded to strike power distributing companies off the list privatized, and with marvelous motivation: at privatization of these companies of their action are withdrawn from an authorized capital of National joint stock company "Energy Company of Ukraine" (NAK "EKU"). And it "can result in insolvency of this company and big threat of economic and energy security of Ukraine".

I passed year, and it appeared that energy security of the country won't suffer even if from NAK "EKU" to clean everything regional power …

But ice started. At the beginning of March, 2009 of FGI I offered for sale blocking packages of the state (25-27% of actions) in private regional power ("Chernigov -", "Prikarpatye -", "Poltava -", "Lviv -" and "Sumy -"). And here "Odessaoblenergo" package from sale removed.

Privatizatora tried to play on fight between business - groups.Controlling stakes sold at the exchange regional power belong to structures, friendly to Privat group of Igor Kolomoysky and Konstantin Grigorishin. Well and Surkisa's brothers. Purchase of 25% provides to each of the parties control. And for it it is possible and to fork up...

Last year in FGI said that can receive for these packages of 2-3 billion hryvnias. However that was other era - crisis significantly corrected plans.

While it was succeeded to sell only two of five blocking packages. On May 25 26,98% of actions of "Lvovoblenergo" went for 197,8 million UAH at the starting price of 171,7 million, i.e. with excess to 15%. For "Chernigovoblenergo" paid more generously: at the starting price of 119 million a package bought for 223,4 million UAH
On it business also decayed: to buy 25-percentage packages of "Poltavaoblenergo" (for 307,7 million UAH), "Sumyoblenergo" (for 209 million) and "Prikarpatyeoblenergo" (for 230,8 million UAH) wishing isn't visible yet … Though it is audible.

In August the co-owner of Privatbank Igor Kolomoysky gave interview to "The Ukrainian truth" in which cleared the vision of the events. And, in particular, I confirmed that the package of "Chernigovoblenergo" was bought by Grigorishin together with Kolomoysky. At the same time Igor Valeryevich reminded once again of existence of "the armed neutrality" with Grigorishin: "Due to our difficult relations with Konstantin Ivanovich we so decided that all process of purchase of actions at us Grigorishin completely directs. I in it gave it full of cards - Blanch and told that everything that you will make, I recognize in advance: for how many you will buy, so much and will be - I will give a half".

It is interesting that, according to its data, "Lvovoblenergo" "was bought by Surkis, instead of Grigorishin … Perhaps Grigorishin didn't expect that that will buy". That is hearings that Surkisa in general will leave power, having expensively conceded the actions to Grigorishin, once again weren't confirmed.

Concerning purchase of other blocking packages Kolomoysky philosophically noticed: "Now - No, because the starting price overstated".

Other Ukrainian participants of power privatization while too wait. To Muscovites from Mikhail's group Vojvodina and Aleksandra Babakova ("Sevastopolyenergo", "Kirovograd -", "Kherson -" and "Zhitomiroblenergo") to buy packages it is uninteresting. Though they, obviously, were overcome for "Odessaoblenergo" where some years are at war with Finance and Credit group of byutovets of Konstantin Zhevago. But … According to the official version, NAK "Energy Company of Ukraine" I didn't transfer to fund "Odessaoblenergo" stock for the auction.

The g - N Akhmetov too didn't begin to get on a foreign field. As a result, within several months the auction is regularly postponed to the next week from - for absence of demands.

Actually, list of possible applicants for power while the very scanty. It is Privat group of Igor Kolomoysky, Power Standard group of Konstantin Grigorishin, Rinat Akhmetov's "DTEK" and Dmitry Firtash's Emfesz.

From foreign participants interest showed the Slovak VS Energy (earlier working strictly on Muscovites) and the Russian JSC Inter RAO UES. Well, and at different times the Czech company CEZ and the Hungarian MVM spoke about the interest. Americans from AES Corp. "Kiyevoblenergo" which has bought in 2001 and "Rivneoblenergo", publicly don't express.

Suggested to participate to Germans and French - all politely listened. And while all...

And here on it not very monetary background the government went ва - bank. At the end of July the decision to begin volley sale of the power distributive companies was made.

On July 29 the Cabinet charged to Ministry of Fuel and Energy to withdraw state blocks of shares of actions of 15 power supplying companies from an authorized capital of NAK "Energy Company of Ukraine" and to transfer them to State property fund management for their sale.

Decided the list to cut down slightly later, having cleaned 46% of actions of "Cherkassyoblenergo". It will separately sell. The state property fund will unite there the state package from 25% for "The Ukrainian energy saving service company" ("Ukresko"). Legally "Ukresko" almost entirely belongs to FGI (99,66%), but … the situation with this package suspends some years. In the most regional power large package (more blocking) control Konstantin Grigorishin's structures.

As a result, for sale will offer 12 packages from more than 60% of actions, and also 51% of actions of "Ternopolyoblenergo" and 50% + 1 action of "Kiyevenergo".
Quite improbably sale of 60,06% of "Luganskoblenergo" looks. In the company there is absolutely nothing, except huge debts. All assets davny - are removed long ago in private JSC Luganskoye energeticheskoye objedineniye.

Absolutely unclear, why in state property to leave 10-15% of the stocks "Vinnytsia —", "Volhynia —", "Dnepr —", "Zakarpatye —", "Hmelnitsk —", "Nikolaev —" and "Chernovtsyoblenergo" and "Krymenergo". To "Donetsk -" and "Harkovoblenergo" already 5% at all leave!

Meanwhile long ago it is recognized that our state practically doesn't influence activity of the companies, even having 25-percentage packages.Moreover, it would be too optimistical to claim that it strongly controlled, say, "Ternopolyoblenergo" (51% in state property). It appeared that, having put the loyal management to private traders, it is possible not to hold meetings of shareholders for years quite lawfully...

The statement that "bits" of power actions in NAK "EKU" do its authorized capital real and filled, looks flimsy. But such step seriously reduces the value of packages offered for sale. To sell 75% frankly better and more expensively...

In many regional power for a long time there are quite decent minority packages. For example, in the largest state power distributing Dneproblenergo company the package of structures of Grigorishin (about 20%) is created long ago. To them at one time, in alliance with Pinchuk, even controlled the company. There is a large package and in "Zaporozhye -", and in "Nikolayevoblenergo". In the Vinnytsia and Volynsk power companies the Energostandart group of the same K.Grigorishin is the largest private owner over 20% of actions. In "Chernovtsyoblenergo" a blocking package, and in "Zakarpatyeoblenergo" - the large share (over 10%) belongs to "the Moscow Slovaks" Vojvodina - to Babakov. Well and so on.

At the end of July the acting as the head of the State property fund Dmitry Parfenenko so described procedure of the forthcoming sale: "This decision doesn't mean that all these 15 packages in will be offered at one time for sale that the market will be derailed that all of us sell by auction for nothing". Packages will estimate, and only then the fund will prepare the project of terms of sale …

And now we look at the order of the Cabinet published on September 2 of this year: "To agree with the offer of Fund of the state property concerning modification of plans of placement of shares of economic societies regarding sale of equity stakes according to the appendix on competition with use of openness of the offer of the price by the principle of auction during the period till December 1, 2009".

You are firmly sure, what it not almost simultaneous exposure of packages to sale? And what mass emission of power actions on sale won't prevent to be created to the high prices?

Reaction of experts was quite skeptical: the high prices aren't waited by anybody. As, however, and sales of all 14 power packages.

Politicians were marked out also. By much it was remembered that Victor Yanukovych, having criticized the governmental decision to sell Odessa port, very diplomatically I kept silent concerning the regional power.

While the sharpest reaction followed from ex-the head of FGI Valentina Semenyuk - Samsonenko who has habitually filed a lawsuit against the State property fund. By the way, it reminded that privatization of data of the enterprises is impossible because the new program of privatization isn't accepted, the power program isn't accepted and the decree of the president of Ukraine Yushchenko No. 200 forbidding privatization of the strategic enterprises before performance of a complex of requirements works. At the same time Valentina Petrovna offered Yushchenko, to National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine and the Prosecutor General's Office to join its claim. The offer turned out cheerful …

Where - that there are also absolutely "ancient" claims of group of Grigorishin for cancelled FGI at the end of 90-x years to sales of 36% "Chernovtsy -" and 40% of "Nikolayevoblenergo". Generally, to lawyers it will be nourishing and not dull.

Question - that will receive from it the state. On the one hand, as show the conflicts of last years, the manager from him breath-taking. In the presence of group of initiative companions it is quite inspired and easily concedes control. Examples of that became both "Dneprenergo", and "Ukrtatnafta".

Long-term chatter about investment competitions too while threw - as superfluous. Not to them - elections on a nose.

So now the government will check as far as it is ready to dump at sales. Benefit, experience in bulk.

In Melitopol to the Zaporozhye area long and sadly sold machine-tool factory. At the last competition in August of this year there was even a competition. And sold … already at the price of the two-room apartment in Kiev.

The history loves mischievous jokes. In 2004 of regionals accused in mass to "Homeland sale" under elections. Now the situation repeats. Difference only that political opponents will be able to participate in cheap sale even. Imagine a picture: Yulia Vladimirovna solemnly transfers the signed contract of purchase and sale to Dmitry Firtash.



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