Officials of the secretariat of Yushchenko sell awards?

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Officials of the secretariat of the president accuse of distribution of the state awards for money.

"On any award, including the highest - the rank of the Hero of Ukraine, exists the dachshund", - the deputy from BYuT Andrey Senchenko declared to the Segodnya newspaper.

"All this know, but aloud don't speak, understanding that very difficult to prove the fact if at all it is possible", - he claims.

According to byutovets, approach of elective campaign, and also crisis affected "quotations" - they became less.

At the same time, according to Senchenko, the position at the official is higher, the cheaper it takes for services as "it is necessary to share with the administration" less.

"To me the fact when one southerner paid for "the Hero of Ukraine" 5 million dollars" is known, - byutovets speaks. - Having heard about it, one of heads of the secretariat of the president to whom I talked, exclaimed: "Yes well, I would undertake and 250 thousand! "

Senchenko says that for money also general ranks also are distributed.

At the same time, the deputy head of Service of state awards and heraldry of the secretariat of the president Victor Buzalo called all these charges false.

"And write: we don't make comments on them because it is ravings", - he told the edition.

The known general on a condition of anonymity told: "Nobody admits that an award or was entitled for money. Certainly, not all awards and ranks are distributed for money but if you see in the list awarded the official or the mediocre businessman (large receive awards as gratitude for power services to pay to them there is no sense) - almost for certain he received an award either for money, or on protection".

According to him, it was entitled the general - the major free of charge, on a wave "orange revolution", but then "the vicious system not only revived, and found wider scales".

"And when there was a question of representation on awards and ranks to new group of applicants, I in clear was offered: "It is necessary to bring 50 thousand (dollars). Will be even more expensive" further. For purity of experiment I decided not to give, and in the decree of my surname it didn't appear though in representation it was", - the general speaks.

"In half a year I paid, however, already 75 thousand of "greens", and everything passed without knot and a hitch", - he adds.

Other person also admitted that to him long detained a rank deserve


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