Litvin quarreled with regionals

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The chairman of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Vladimir LITVIN accuses Party of Regions of hypocrisy.

As the correspondent of the UNIAN reports, during the Coordination board he noted that the bill of increase of social standards is "a key counter" during election campaign of this political force, and it confirms that the scenario of 2004 when it was staked on that the parliament didn't work and "repeats that there were conversations on increase of social payments".

V. Litvin, asked representatives of fraction of Party of Regions: "Why you don't vote for Oleg ZARUBINSKY'S bill (the representative of fraction of the Block Lytvyna who also introduced the bill of increase of social standards, - the UNIAN)? Because you need to realize the pre-election counter".

According to the chairman of BP, the conclusion from here follows - "the decision isn't necessary, and process" is necessary.

As V. Litvin declared, now the fraction of Party of Regions insists on hearing of the report of the government about implementation of the budget and need of modification of it.

Thus it reminded that when fraction of Party of Regions and BYuT "talked about the coalition and divided positions", they agreed questions of the report of the government and of changes were transferred to the budget.

In reply the People's Deputy from Party of Regions Vasily of HARA told V. Lytvyna: "You show any hatred to Party of Regions". He suggested V. Litvin "to be silent" during the Coordination board as the speaker has to be "mother or the father" for parliament.

On it V. Litvin noticed that it is B.XAPA very quickly changes the sympathies as at first it was chosen in parliament from KPU, and then passed into Party of Regions.

In turn, the representative of fraction of Party of Regions Alexander EFREMOV told that the fraction of the Block of Litvin didn't vote for the bill of increase of social standards, and as a result he wasn't supported in parliament.

In reply to V. Litvin reminded that the fraction of Party of Regions at first insisted on increase of payments for miners, and then itself for this bill didn't vote. According to him, it is necessary to look for compromises. He added that the fraction of Party of Regions considers that "we have to serve you, and we think that it is necessary to agree".

On the offer B.LYTVYNA to come into a sessional hall and to start voting under bills of rather social standards, A.EFREMOV called inexpedient to undergo all procedure of consideration of the bill that "to deceive at the end", that is not to vote for it.

Also A.EFREMOV, addressing to the chairman of BP, I noted that "workers of the office of parliament will start begging soon". According to him, the Ministry of Finance suggested to reduce almost by 200 million UAH of expense for the office of the Verkhovna Rada. "At you workers of the device will start begging soon", - told A.EFREMOV. V. Litvin answered it: "At us, in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine".

Besides, during the Coordination board the first deputy head of BYuT fraction Andrey KOZHEMYAKIN declared that would be honest if 150 People's Deputies from Party of Regions put deputy mandates as this political force doesn't give the chance to parliament to work. "If you don't like parliament and the government, it is necessary to put deputy mandates", - he noted.

According to him, now this fraction does everything to block parliament work. A.KOZhEMYaKIN considers that the President of Ukraine Victor YUSHCHENKO is interested in it also, and "you accompany it".


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