A.Garkusha ordered to prepare for elections, to subscribe for the party newspaper and "tired out" to itself in party of officials and educators

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The other day enlarged meeting of executive committee of the Nikolaev regional organization of People's Party to which deputies of regional council, members of executive committee, chairmen of city and regional Communist Party organizations were invited took place.

As reports a press - service of the Nikolaev regional organization of People's Party, at meeting questions about present socially - a political situation in Ukraine and participation of the Nikolaev regional organization of People's Party in an election of the president of Ukraine were discussed.

And distribution of forces in the state the chairman of the regional organization, the governor of the Nikolaev area Alexey Garkusha gave a basic assessment of positions.

In view of approach of election campaign, the decision was unanimously made, to begin a preparatory work to participation in election campaign.

It was offered to develop plans of preparation for participation in elections, to approve campaign headquarters, to create lists of observers, propagandists, representatives; to pick up candidates in structure district and precinct election commissions, to develop a complex of actions for interaction from mass media, and so forth.

Alexey Garkusha paid special attention to a question of a subscription to the Narodnaya newspaper. In particular importance of informing of the public and party cells about positions of People's Party on the sharpest socially - economic to questions through the Narodnaya newspaper was noted.

In the same day, Alexey Garkusha handed over party-membership cards to new party members: To Oleg Bilousov - the deputy head of department of science and education of the Nikolaev regional state administration, Irina Kirichenko - the deputy head of department of science and education of the Nikolaev regional state administration; To Alexey Liseyko - the director of the Nikolaev professional ship-building lyceum; To Nikolay Lyashenko - the director of the Nikolaev comprehensive school - a boarding school No. 5; To Alexander Melnichenko - the director of the highest school of physical culture; To Leonid Tesler - the editor-in-chief of the Otkryty Urok newspaper;To Lyudmila Rura - the director of the Nikolaev state highest school of culture and Alexander Fedirchik - the director "Zhitlorembud - Nick".

"It is pleasant to note that the vast majority of those who filled up lavas of People's Party, are professionals in education branch, and, therefore, people to which opinion got used to listen and respect it", - the press - services is told in the message.

It and isn't surprising, after all for anybody not a secret, on such party members how many are valuable during elections.


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