Gennady Moskal declares that works for free as the militiaman

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Gennady MOSKAL considers that the Party of Regions tries to deprive of his powers of the People's Deputy of Ukraine and a position of the chief of the Crimean militia - the deputy minister of internal affairs.

"I deal with political thimbleriggers", - told. The Russian in UNIAN interview.

On September 10 the procedural committee of the Verkhovna Rada prepared documents in court about compulsory deprivation of. Russian of deputy powers. Before the direction in court the chairman of BP Vladimir LITVIN has to sign materials.

. The Russian considers illegal the decision of procedural committee to deprive of it deputy powers before consideration of the claim for Anatoly MOGILEV'S dismissed by the Office by the minister from a position of the chief of the Crimean militia business.. The Russian declared that on August 19 the Cabinet of Ministers appointed him the chief of militia of an autonomy - the deputy head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and in some days the Donetsk district administrative court opened production in the claim of A.MOGILEVA which considers illegal the government directive about the dismissal. Hearings on business are appointed to September 24.

"As far as I know, 24-го the decision (vessels) will be already ready: MOGILYOV to restore, to dismiss the RUSSIAN. I wrote in advance to mister of EFREMOVU (to "regional", the head of procedural committee of parliament): let's wait 24-го, you have no right to consider that yet didn't consider court", - told. Russian.

He considers that "regionals" revenge him. "Look, what revenge from Party of Regions! They should dismiss me from a deputatatstvo to 24-го September, and 24-го to dismiss me from a position (in militia)", - I was indignant. Russian.

"Than I to them in the Crimea am so dangerous? They would understand in the Party of Regions that at them occurs! Someone imposed them crazy thought, or there are no sane people that I to them here can YANUKOVYCH'S rating lower", - told. The Russian, having added that without Russian Block party "regionals" on elections in the Crimea won't collect enough votes. "Voted not for them, and for "The Russian block" voted", - he told.

.The RUSSIAN also reported that at meeting of procedural committee BP the issue of removal of deputy powers from several deputies was resolved, however the necessary quantity of voices was gathered by only its candidate. "Those deputies don't put long ago (power), and everything on them doesn't suffice voices. On me at once found voices, and in five minutes the Party of Regions blew through the press - the center about a huge victory over the RUSSIAN", - he declared.. The Russian noted that will send the letter to the speaker Vladimir LITVIN that the procedural committee isn't right.

The chief of militia of the Crimea also noted that, being the People's Deputy, he while receives nothing for work in the Ministry of Internal Affairs that him didn't accuse of violation of the law.

In the UNIAN comment the former chief of the Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Crimea A.MOGILEV confirmed that through court tries to learn a reason for leaving and to cancel the government directive. "I try to find out, for what dismissed me. The person can't be dismissed just like that", - he told.

A.MOGILEV considers that. The Russian breaks the law, having got down to work in militia, being in the status of the People's Deputy.

A.MOGILEV also was surprised, how. The Russian can work for free. "The person makes decisions on very serious questions. Same not any desk on garbage cleaning, is the central board of militia having a heap of functions, a heap of powers", - he declared.


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