Incidents in the Crimean Mountains

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On May 3 mine rescuers rescued Russians: two fallen climbers and бейс - a jumper.
Rescuers got out the first victim of the Crimean Mountains in Kache. As it appeared, one of fans an extreme - sports, without looking at a gusting wind, I jumped with a parachute with 200 - the meter rock, but the ill-fated parachute wasn't developed at once. "The person started falling with huge height, and from inevitable death he was rescued only with that already almost before the earth his parachute was suddenly developed, and it is broke fall a little, - the commander Bakhchisarayskogo mountain поисково - a saving platoon of the Ministry of Emergency Situations Victor Boldyr tells. - The man, having fallen at the bottom to small stones and pebble, I got a fracture of edges on the right. It was possible to transport it to the road to avoidance of complications only on a special stretcher". Round unfortunate the whole crowd of other admirers бейс - a dzhamping already gathered. Mine rescuers shipped the victim on a stretcher and began 300 - meter lifting on a slope to the road where unfortunate "fast" already waited. 40- the summer victim, the citizen of Russia, was hospitalized in the Bakhchsarai hospital. And in the same day around the Forossky Edging array two more fans of estremalny rest needed the help of mine rescuers. In the Ministry of Emergency Situations reported that from Mshatk's mountain - Kai two people broke and hung on an insurance. "Two climbers going in a sheaf, apparently, violated safety measures, - the Deputy commander Yaltinsky mountain поисково - saving group Alexander Rushkovky tells. - And as a result of it the second climber failed down and pulled off for itself the going ahead friend. Having flown by about 25 meters, both, having strongly hit about the rock, hung on an insurance which, fortunately, sustained". Rescuers say that if the cable didn't sustain, people unambiguously would break - having flown by 20 more meters, they would fall to sharp rocks. Five mine rescuers by means of climbing equipment rose to victims hanging on the rock. "At first removed most hard the victim, the "second" climber who was unconscious, - Alexander Rushkovsky speaks. - On a special stretcher it lowered, and then returned for other man. Both victims transferred to physicians." According to doctors, the "second" climber, 27 - the summer Muscovite, had fractures of a hip, the right shin and a clavicle, and at it 29 - the summer companion, also the inhabitant of Moscow, - numerous bruises. Both received cherepno - brain injuries and now are in neurosurgical office of Livadiysky hospital. As it became clear, both in mountains any more for the first time, but, probably, "petroglyphic" experience on it appeared too little.


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