The mayor Chaika remained is happy that Nikolaev "cattle" not up to the end disorganized the city during a holiday

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As a whole celebration 220 - the anniversaries of Nikolaev the mayor Vladimir Chaika remained is happy.

- I already gave a task to prepare surnames of the most active participants of a holiday, - the mayor told. - We will invite them in a big hall of the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies and we will thank. The holiday was successful. Even Yatsenyuk approached to me, and asks: "And what, to you the Soviet power comes back, what you carry out parades? " And I speak: "It also didn't depart from us". We didn't give to people any tasks - they came to parade and took in it part. But there are enterprises and educational institutions which didn't come for parade and at all didn't pretend that they are members of our community. And I will speak about it. Let and the press "will ornament" them. Here, for example, 14 thousand people work at "the Dawn - Mashproyekt". Well why was not to expose a column from the enterprise? People - that came, and heads aren't present any. And they joined other columns.

The mayor is also dissatisfied with that the university of the admiral Makarov passed in parade so sickly - the mayor didn't notice any of heads of this HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTION.

Also Vladimir Chaika complained of careless citizens who already managed to spoil that with such work and such capital investments prepared as a gift to Nikolaev.

- At four o'clock in the morning in the square of the Council of Europe which only opened, hooligans attacked on the fountain and started there everything destroying. It is good that there were the people put to park - not militiamen, and what then all restored, - the mayor told. - Between these people and hooligans a fight began. To someone from workers broke a hand. Barbarians! And that with the square of a name of Lyagin! ? I there walked on foot. Already musornik rooted out.We hoped that everything will be civilized … It is good that we managed to remake everything, to dig over, to restore everything prior to the beginning of a holiday. It is necessary to strengthen responsibility that people make.

Despite it, grandiose parade and a holiday was estimated even by mayors of other cities.

- The mayor Summ calls me, and asks: "Your city that, best of all lives? I such in Kiev didn't see. At you on parade the people everything goes and goes", - Vladimir Chaika bragged. - I am happy with team work. Certainly, internal malfunctions were, but generally everything is made so that people in a City Day could have a rest.

The mayor paid attention and that the scene this time stood not as usually. After all when the scene is developed to Soviet, many inhabitants start complaining that to them stirs noise from concerts. This time the scene "looked" at the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies.

- When we developed a scene, Novozhilov (the head of the department of housing and communal services) undertook the head: "That will be with a grass! ? " Well anything, with a grass everything is good.


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