"In the relations with Russia Ukraine has to pass from political debate to economic cooperation", - A.Yatsenyuk

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The leader of the Public initiative "The front of changes" Arseniy Yatsenyuk considers that Ukraine has to leave political debate with Russia and offer it four directions of mutually beneficial cooperation.

Ukraine has high economic potential in order that its production became competitive in the world, the politician on air of the Nikolaev regional broadcasting company emphasized.

"And here we should cooperate with our neighbors from the East and the West, in particular and with Russians. What do we sell to Europe? To Europe we sell goods with low cost. Our market is Russia. We for the present aren't competitive, but we can such become if with the same Russia we leave political debate and we will pass to four accurate directions of cooperation", - he emphasized.

Arseniy Yatsenyuk considers that Ukraine has to offer first of all the general power policy. "And not through gas transmission consortium, and through power where Ukraine together with Russia sell energy resources to Europe. The European market too is necessary to Ukraine. We want to gain income from Europe and resources of Russia are necessary to us. Russia wants safe transit - we will provide. It is the first and basic question in which we have to meet", - the leader of "The front of changes" declared.

The second that, according to the politician, it is necessary to make together with the Russian partners, is the general grocery pool. "We are obliged to return on a foreign market. And we can together with Russians, Belarusians and Kazakhs to become the main world food traders", - the politician emphasized.

Besides, the leader of "The front of changes" is convinced, the general transport policy, and also the general policy in the sphere voyenno - an industrial complex is necessary to Ukraine and Russia. "In other words is an arms market. Ukraine once was in the first five of world sellers of the weapon. Us constantly push out from there, but we can return. Such I see approach - pragmatical and accurate", - he told.

Arseniy Yatsenyuk added that it doesn't mean refusal of cooperation with Europe. "But we have to be realists. In Europe nobody waits for us now, in ten years.We have to have accurate approaches in cooperation with the European partners. The European market, free movement of the Ukrainian citizens, the simplified visa regime and legalization of our workers is necessary to us. The new agenda with the East and the West" is necessary, - it summed up.


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