The curator of the Nikolaev area from NANOSECOND O. Novikov called local authorities, for own means, to install disturbing buttons at schools

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The People's Deputy of Ukraine, the representative of parliamentary group "National Self-defense" Oleg Novikov addressed to authorities and took the initiative means of local government, regional, city and regional administrations at schools to install buttons of the disturbing alarm system of a call of militia.

"There was a situation when from - for shortages of local or nation-wide funds from schools started removing protection. Today only elite schools have own protection which employ for means of parents. High schools, rural and regional educational institutions of any such protection have no. At best is a porter who sits and actually will be able to make nothing in case of hooliganism, a robbery and to that similar", - Oleg Novikov told.

According to the People's Deputy, he already started solving this problem: at the expense of own means on three schools in the Kherson, Nikolaev, Odessa and Zhitomir areas are already equipped with buttons of the disturbing alarm system of a call of militia. And for means of local activists of "NANOSECOND" payment of abonent services of the alarm system is carried out.

"I consider that if we will take this step the first, it will be easier further. Authorities on it will watch and take the corresponding position. Because there was such situation that today our children less all are protected. In particular, the statistics testifies and to cases of sexual harassment at school, and even to "visit" of educational institutions by narcobusinessmen", - the People's Deputy noted.

"Reaction has to be. After all to all of us those tragic cases which occurred in Europe and the USA are well-known, in particular, when mentally unbalanced people came to school with the weapon. We remember also Russia", - it added.

For safety of children politicians have to be responsible, Oleg Novikov considers and hopes that in the budget which will be introduced soon in BP, funds nevertheless will be allocated for protection of schools.

"I addressed with the relevant proposals to the Government earlier. And now I consider that it is one of the most urgent questions on which there have to be means", - "samooboronets" added.

Also Oleg Novikov reported that today already there is a coordinated position with the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Department of public service of protection of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine which is ready to establish free of charge for city schools this "the disturbing button".

And school collectives and parental committees need to find only funds for payment of abonent services. Also, according to him, the militia is ready even to lower this license fee with 1 hryvnia to 30-40 kopeks in hour

Also Oleg Novikov asks not to speculate on "safety of children" and not to connect this action with the beginning of presidential campaign. "National self-defense" in presidential campaign of participation doesn't take.

"It is our civic stand, and it is a position of the people responsible for the future of our children", - Oleg Novikov emphasized.

We will remind that else on June 5, 2009 Oleg Novikov in BP registered the bill No. 4069 "About technical ensuring protection of a law and order in separate public places" according to which educational institutions, the museums, gas stations, places and/or rooms of subjects of managing in which alcoholic drinks are taken, trade in jewelry, an exchange of currency values is carried out, banks, their branches and gambling institutions, besides - means of video surveillance have to be equipped with manual systems of the disturbing notice of militia, and.

However from - for political fights in the Verkhovna Rada consideration of the bill is late.


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