The governor of Nikolayevshchina A. Garkusha and culture regional management specially slow down museum creation the Wild garden or don't know, what at them near by?

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Today, on September 15, within carrying out Days of the European heritage which this year for the first time pass in Nikolaev in the territory of a monument of archeology - the ancient settlement the Wild garden (Naberezhnaya St., a corner Artillery), I took place a press - conference on results of researches of a field season of 2009

- 82 years ago, on August 15, 1927 in the territory of the Wild garden the bronze copper was found, - the archeologist, the director scientifically - the research center "Lukomorye", the head of excavation in the ancient settlement tells about the first opening of the Nikolaev monument the Wild garden Kirill Gorbenko. - Then this monument was for the first time open. But in 1956 the conclusion of research examination was made that the occupation layer is destroyed, a monument minor and second-rate, and cultural and historical value doesn't represent. And only the last 18 years here were restored and archaeological works which presented the mass of sensations were conducted and proved uniqueness and value of the Wild garden, as ancient settlements of an era of final bronze, to which more than 3 thousand years. In 2004 the sensational find was made - we found a defensive ditch and the bridge base. The new stage of researches began. 25 valuable objects (all for history of excavation - 44), ritual, cultural, defensive, premises were over the last 5 years found. The wild garden was a link on a trade way between Europe and Asia. The territory of the southern part of the peninsula of Nikolaev was a part of the Roman Empire.

In whole archeologists very thoroughly studied history and a life of ancient nikolayevets, investigated territories and constructions, and time of a muzeefikation of the Wild garden came now.The territory of the old ancient settlement isn't protected, on it acts of vandalism are made, it becomes constant object of encroachments from builders and wishing to establish on a picturesque platform over Ingul pubs.

Europe can't be proud or brag of archaeological monuments of such scale, but recognizes and admires the Wild garden. But Nikolaev doesn't appreciate that has. Excavation and finds, our history and culture interests the majority of citizens only in the Hollywood movies. Romanticism of a dust of centuries we prefer to leave to the staff of Research Center Lukomorye and students истфака NSU of Sukhomlinsky.

Here and our officials pretend to be mute archaeological artifacts - I see nothing, I don't hear, I won't tell and I don't know. And governor Alexey Garkusha including.

- To create here the museum the initiative from regional management of culture open-air is necessary, they can already address in the Ministry of Culture, - the head of department of protection of monuments and a cultural heritage of the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies Irina Bondar told. - Last year regional management created initiative group on museum creation in the Wild garden. It appeared - only on paper, further business didn't go. The governor of Nikolayevshchina about that that occurs in his management and about a problem knows, all know, but …

Yes only things are right where they started. And the nikolayevets who have celebrated 220 - the anniversary of the 3 000 - the summer city, and the governor, having near by a unique and most interesting route of archaeological tourism the Wild Garden - Berezan - Olviya, a gold tourist vein, opportunity to present the city and area in a top of the most interesting and best places of Europe, - having all these citizens and officials prefer to complain of lack of culture of tribespeople and to complain about lack of money in city budget and area. But with such approach and the relation to our ancient history, them, there, at us never will be ….

And archeologists invite all citizens on September 19 and 20 from 10.00 till 13.00 to free excursion on the ancient ancient settlement the Wild garden (Naberezhnaya St., a corner Artillery).


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