Deputies of a regional council solved повоспитывать the regional state administration, but to advertize it not steel

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Urgent convocation 31-й sessions of the Nikolaev regional council was caused on September 15 by one reason: brought by deputies at regional council session on August 26 in the regional budget for 2009 the regional state administration didn't consider change, corresponding changes to the main financial document of area didn't make, as a result those funds which deputies allocated for the different purposes, are so received and weren't.

For example, the city budget of Nikolaev didn't receive 300 thousand UAH of a subvention from the regional budget for a case 220 - the anniversaries of Nikolaev on improvement financially - technical base of healthcare institutions according to the Comprehensive program "Nation health" for 2006-2010 (50 thousand UAH on medical equipment acquisition for BSMP and 250 thousand UAH on medical equipment acquisition for city hospital No. 3).

As the chairman of regional council Tatyana Demchenko reported, already on August 28 the relevant documents with changes in the regional budget for 2009 were transferred to the regional state administration, but only on September 10 from the signature of the governor Alexey Garkusha the letter in which it was specified that the constant commission on budget and planning questions, and at all the regional state administration has to finish the decision arrived. However T.Demchenko insisted that modification is a prerogative of the regional state administration. Therefore also extraordinary session was called to state "фе" the regional state administrations and to eliminate on the future this peculiar "game in soccer".

As the chief of the Main financial management of the regional state administration Vadim Ishchenko explained, these changes weren't considered as they were accepted in defiance of the budgetary legislation. Besides, the changes made by deputies led to disbalance of all budget.

We will note that only the part of a depuy corps supported the party of the chairman of a regional council - fraction of Party of Regions, N. Vitrenko's National block and KPU. "Litvinovtsa" and "byutovets" were against consideration of the matters.Vitaly Travyanko (Litvin's block) said that drafts of decisions offered to consideration weren't considered by the constant deputy commissions, and Valery Agafonov (BYUT) urged "not to appoint guilty", and not to involve in this conflict of people and mass media only because the regional state administration and a regional council couldn't agree among themselves. But, as we know, these two fractions the majority in a regional council aren't.

By a majority vote deputies made the decision "to consider that the regional public administration withdrew from decision 30-completion й sessions of regional council of August 26, 2009 No. 8 "About modification of the regional budget of the Nikolaev area for 2009" regarding its completion by the regional state administration that made impossible implementation of the decision of regional council made by session". Besides, deputies made some more decisions - made changes and additions to the Budgetary regulations of regional council and Regulations of regional council with which assigned responsibility for completion of the draft decision or the solution of a regional council to the regional state administration and gave on it week.

Moreover, these decisions of the regional state administration don't leave opportunity for retreat:

"at completion of decisions of regional council all offers, changes and additions for which at plenary session after discussion the majority of deputies from total number of council" voted are considered, is told in the decision.

From edition: for the unknown reasons, a press - the service of the Nikolaev regional council invited to session only separate mass media. With what it is connected? Possibly, that occurred today in a sessional hall, shouldn't have been splashed out in mass media more, than that the vlastyimushchy will allow.


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