Litvin waits for wrestle for life or death

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The chairman of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Vladimir LITVIN predicts fierce opposition during presidential campaign.

"Fight at this presidential election will be to the death. Depending on what will be the alignment of forces before the second round of elections, here then the real opposition will begin. Also other scenarios will come into effect then. Therefore it is necessary to consider everything not to allow unpredictable succession of events", - V. Litvin on a press - conferences in Chernovtsy declared, answering a question of the correspondent of the UNIAN of rather possible development of presidential election campaign.

According to V. Litvin, in this campaign of a rate "not less high", than at last presidential elections in 2004. According to the chairman BP everyone of the parties, "at which is the certain weight, the corresponding opportunities and spheres of influence, won't want to agree with defeat. But two presidents of Ukraine can't be. Someone surely has to win, and the others - will lose all".

At the same time V. Litvin warned candidates for president against a possible temptation not to win, and "to make elections under himself, having ensured all ways necessary result".

"One of the reasons of why I have the bases so to think, this desire now to disperse the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. And the parliament is the only institute which can act as a safety lock from a different type of abuses and can give the corresponding public estimates. If there is no such institute, can imagine what can be succession of events", - he told.

"If in 2004 there was no Verkhovna Rada, it isn't difficult to predict, in what direction the situation in Ukraine could develop. And that now becomes under loud appeals to protect the people - so today it will protect at the level of pieces of paper, tomorrow will find other method of deception. It is such course of certain political forces. I want to warn such forces - if today you plan disorganization of work of the Verkhovna Rada, tomorrow, probably, it is necessary to address to it", - V. Litvin added.


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