In Nikolaev national the deputy of Ukraine tried to throw eggs and tomatoes

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Today, on September 15, in Nikolaev with working visit the People's Deputy of Ukraine from Party of Regions, the chairman of Federation of labor unions of Ukraine Vasily Hara stays.

According to him, сутра, he, as the chairman of Federation of labor unions of Ukraine, held meetings with the chairman of the Nikolaev regional council T.Demchenko and the chairman of the regional state administration A.Garkusha. About what it communicated with them, Vasily Georgiyevich modestly kept silent.

Then, the deputy - the regional visited two enterprises - the Nikolaev aluminous plant and shipbuilding plant "Wadan Yards Ocean".

After that it went on planned a press - conference to the regional Trade Unions Building. It should be noted that started up on this a press - conference not everything, but to the correspondent"Crime. Is NOT PRESENT", nevertheless, it was succeeded to get to a hall. Why such "rigid" access control was organized - remained a riddle.

Before the building of regional trade council of the people's deputy young people with symbolics of Party of Regions probably met this youth wing of the party organized such warm welcome to the guest from the capital. But besides supporters, before the Trade Unions Building those for whom V. Hara there obviously didn't wait gathered also. Representatives of the trade-union organizations of some enterprises, in particular plant of 61 Communards, came to ask not really pleasant questions. Having found a little time for those who came to see the people's deputy, V. Hara specifically didn't answer one of their questions. When the guest already came into the building, some subjects departed to its party - tomatoes and eggs. Eggs of the purpose didn't reach and broke about building steps. And here tomato, nevertheless got to one of entering the building.

In a course a press - conferences, to the Nikolaev journalists it became curious why V. Hara decided to visit the successful enterprises instead of to go on "problem" closer to get acquainted with a state of affairs and to try to help with the solution of their problems. By the way, the same question was asked also by the people who have come under the building of regional trade council.

Possibly, that occurred before a press - conference, very strongly spoiled mood to the main trade union member of the country as in a hall where it was waited by journalists, it came the very tousled.

Answering this question, V. Hara noted that "traveling" on different regions it saw enough of "the lying enterprises" and therefore wanted to visit the advanced, much. "It is impossible to visit all the time only bad", - V. Hara noted.

What turns out, problems of the Nikolaev enterprises don't interest the trade union member - the regional? Then why it comes to Nikolaev as the trade-union figure?

Explaining all this, V. Hara declared that it was interesting to it to look at the enterprises which work safely. Especially as these enterprises owners not from Ukraine operate.

According to him, he wanted to examine those forms and methods which in the work apply these labor unions. In other words, the main trade union member of the country arrived to learn. So can be one of "teachers" and it is necessary to elect the chairman of FPU?

Visits on the enterprises the people's deputy remained is happy and reported that gathered a lot of the new.

"The trade-union committee of shipbuilding plant "Okean" very fine seized enterprise economy. When they conduct negotiations on the conclusion of the collective agreement, they don't ask the owner: raise a salary for 10%, on five, well though on three. They prove to "tsiferye" that at the enterprise there is an opportunity to raise a salary to a certain level. They prove it economic apportions. The owner has no place to disappear and he agrees because there are no arguments against evidential base", - V. Hara noted.

As, in a course a press - conferences, V. Hara scarified a government position concerning social standards by which it is guided.

And here a question of why its position as the head of federation of labor unions of Ukraine in relation to the government and Party of Regions completely coincides, I infuriated the people's deputy.

"It isn't necessary to connect this nonsense which never was. Call to me at least one fact when I defiled with a flag Party of Regions. Call the fact, during my work in FPU when I acted from a tribune on political affairs. Claims at us to Cabinet of Ministers the objective. These are our social partners", - V. Hara indignantly declared.

He also specified that if V. Yanukovych becomes the President, it as the chairman of FPU, will be obliged to take a similar position and to defend the rights of workers.

"And if I don't do it, I will be obliged to leave from this position", - the People's Deputy declared.


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