The federation of labor unions of Ukraine prepares for elections and will carry out in regions "autumn approach" to the power?

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The federation of labor unions of Ukraine prepares in regions a series of actions within "Autumn approach" which will pass in October. I declared it on yesterday's a press - conferences in Nikolaev the head of Federation of labor unions of Ukraine, the People's Deputy from Party of Regions Vasily Hara.

"October calls us for it. On October 1 - Day of people of advanced age, on October 7 - the World day of fight for worthy work. And worthy work is both a workplace, and a salary, both working conditions, and labor protection and so on. On October 17 - the World day of fight against poverty", was explained by V. Hara.

It explained that FPU intends to bring people to the street to tell the authorities that we so to live as we live today, we don't want.

"We want to induce the authorities to be engaged in in what they have to be engaged. Not policy, not cheap politics, and - economy. We have many claims to the present power", - V. Hara declared, but at once made a reservation: "To any, whatever I was. To me asked a question: "Here becomes... Yanukovych the President, you will as treat the government, how today? ". Certainly, so. If I so don't belong, I will have to leave...

From edition:protest stocks FPU begin, in exactly, before start of Presidential election campaign. What it is coincidence? It seems that isn't present. After all these actions against one of the main competitors of the party leader of regions are directed. What turns out, the head of FPU, the People's Deputy of Ukraine V. Hara executes command of the political management? Certainly, at the time of election campaign any methods are good but how then belief, what trade-union movement shouldn't be controlled by any of political forces and to be the third party and to stand on protection of the rights of workers?


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