The Nikolaev businessmen complained in the city hall of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, tax and the Chinese goods

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On branch council for questions of light industry which passed on September 16 in the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies, the Nikolaev businessmen complained vice-to the mayorTo Alexander Zhenzherukheon what bad firefighters, tax specialists and defenders of consumers. However most of all complaints was on the Chinese goods with which domestic producers aren't able to compete.

- How the businessman who was spent for production of footwear, on its transportation from - for borders, can sell these goods on 50 hryvnias? - the owner of the enterprise for production of footwear spoke. - The main thing, production doesn't answer any norms. It low-quality.

Officials listened to the businesswoman, and decided that fault to everything is management on protection of the rights of consumers which reacts only to statements from citizens, and itself doesn't initiate and doesn't carry out an inspection of the Chinese goods.

Defenders of consumers whom any wasn't at meeting, for certain, have other opinion about it. But to their version decided to listen in two week at the following meeting. While the version about low-quality work of this management is in the lead.

Also businessmen aren't happy with requirements of the Ministry of Emergency Situations. For example, the head of the enterprise which makes clothes, still has no permission of the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies to conducting economic activity. Speaks, to receive it very expensively.

- Permission is given as though free of charge. But that it gave out, it is necessary to get permission of firefighters, and it is very expensive process. After all the Ministry of Emergency Situations demands to establish in rooms which we rent, a fire extinguishing system. And it costs about hundred thousand hryvnias. Pi it each check demands from any structures this permission of the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies.

Head of department of light industry and support of business activityAndrey YakovlevI suggested to bypass an existing provision of the law. Certainly, legal way.According to him, if the enterprise has the contract on insurance, the Ministry of Emergency Situations in that case has no right to come with check.

Decided that this question also "will finally consider" at the following meeting.

On a question of businessmen of, whether provides Cabinet of Ministers any measures for support of light industry during crisis, the head Goskompredprinimatelstva in the Nikolaev areaValery VetrovI answered as follows:

- Such projects of Cabinet of Ministers while aren't present, but it is necessary to specify, whether there are any acts at local level. If isn't present, they need to be initiated. That's all.

Main "goskompredprinimatel"Valery Vetrov, probably, I wanted to help the wards to solve problems but as - that is detached. He constantly emphasized: "YOUR council", "YOUR questions", "YOUR businessmen", "YOUR problems".

Unlike it,Alexander Zhenzherukhaon a question of one of businessmen as it is possible to settle the private conflict, I told:

- Remain after council, we will settle everything.

And one more "sick" question, but the taxation became traditional already enough.

- Difficult with the taxation, - one of businessmen told. - If it is correctly to do everything, it is unreal.

But over a question of taxes officials long didn't "sit" - all postponed until the following meeting where decided to invite all services to which there are claims. Meeting it is planned to hold on Wednesday in two weeks.


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