Yanukovych should go on political pension?

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If Victor Yanukovych loses presidential elections, will go to political pension.

So the political scientist Kost Bondarenko considers.

The political scientist considers that for achievement of the purpose - presidency - it isn't enough to Yanukovych to rely only on forces of Party of Regions.

According to the expert, "the support on PR is an essential restriction of electoral opportunities of Yanukovych - for example, in the Center and in the west of Ukraine. More correct, on mine, the support on the capacity of the oppositional government - with creation of parallel structure of advisers and representatives of the oppositional prime minister in areas" is.

Concerning Tymoshenko the political scientist told: "I always was critic Tymoshenko - while she was a politician, but I can't criticize the prime minister of the government (what name he wouldn't bear and to what political force wouldn't belong) in the conditions of an acute economic crisis. Tymoshenko's main positive that the people ceased to be afraid of crisis. Crisis I stopped being an apocalypse synonym".

Other candidates for president, considers Bondarenko, set before itself ordinarier purposes.

For example, Arseniy Yatsenyuk would like to become the prime minister - the minister at the president Yanukovych. Sergey Tigipko tries to become the alternative leader of the East of Ukraine, understanding that after elections in the east the leader will disappear as Yanukovych either becomes a president, or will leave on political pension, considers Bondarenko.


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