In the NANOSECOND Nikolaev regional organization "our Ukraine" the biggest debt on a salary

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"Crime. Is NOT PRESENT" wrote that to employees of the Zaporozhye regional organization "our Ukraine "8 months salaries don't pay.

It was confirmed by the deputy head of the Zaporozhye organization Ivan Zhumik.

"The debt really is, in 8 months", - Zhumik told, having confirmed plans of reduction of employees of the organization. According to Zhumik, some people already left the Zaporozhye organization without payment to them of debt on a salary. "On all to areas such condition of things", - I marked out the deputy head of the organization.

We will remind that the political leader of "our Ukraine" is the president Victor Yushchenko.

As attempts will phone to the head of the Nikolaev regional organization "Our Ukraine" and, in combination, the adviser Glavy Sekretariata to the President of Ukraine concerning regional and personnel policy Alexander Sadykov weren't crowned with success, the correspondent "Crime. Is NOT PRESENT", I decided to phone to the head of executive committee of the Nikolaev regional organization "Our Ukraine" Valentina Golovata and to learn as affairs with salary payment in the Nikolaev regional organization are.

Valentina Andreevna very much was surprised to such question. And, as it seemed, first I became puzzled. She noted that "our Ukraine" - the only party at which all party employees are officially employed.

"At us everything is transparent. We monthly carry reports in all instances. Also I will tell honestly, there over us laugh, after all other party organizations pay a salary in envelopes. We stand on the principles of openness …", - V. Golovataya declared.

The sum which was run into debt by the party organization to employees of the device, she refused to sound, but noted that the situation isn't "shouting".

"In different regions of area the debt in a monthly equivalent differs", - Valentina Andreevna added.

On a question - why so it turns out, V. Golovataya answered:"In different areas work on - to a miscellaneous", - and I added that the party device contains not only at the expense of party means, but also at the expense of donations on places.

Conversation with the head of executive committee of the Nikolaev regional organization "Our Ukraine" took place around 14.00, and by the evening, "The Ukrainian truth" with reference to a press - service "our Ukraine", reported that the debt on a salary in different level the organizations "our Ukraine" makes 21,4 million hryvnias. Thus, the biggest debt on a salary in Nikolaev - 1 million 888 thousand hryvnias - and Dnepropetrovsk - 1 million 576 thousand hryvnias - areas.

The debt over one million hryvnias remains in Vinnytsia, Donetsk, Zhitomir, Zaporozhye, Lugansk and Odessa areas.

In the majority of areas there is a debt in 8 months, in some - for 7, in the Kharkov organization - in 3 months.

There is no debt in the Kiev and Chernovitsky areas, Kiev and the Central executive party committee.

Besides, as of September 1 "our Ukraine" has a debt to the Pension fund - about 6,6 million (including over 1,8 million hryvnias of a penalty) and debt on a tax on the income of natural persons - over 2,1 million hryvnias.

Press - the service emphasizes that "our Ukraine" - the only party in Ukraine which legalized the income":

"We carry out calculations openly and we pay contributions in Pension both other funds and a tax on the income of natural persons. Total amount of such payments of party makes monthly over 1,2 million UAH. Our workers receive a legal salary on bank cards".

Also in "our Ukraine" pay attention to relevance of accurate legislative regulation of activity of political parties, including financial aspect:

"The state treats today political parties as businesses, and activity of parties in Ukraine regulates only one law".


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